Toggle for new S3 macro and other customization

I’ve been having an issue where I would get locked out quite a bit in Season 3 on the wrong strength of attack even though I knew I made the correct input. I initially thought my thumb was grazing the right thumbstick or something, but I’ve finally found the culprit. It’s the new button combinations in S3 that give you an alternative way of pressing two buttons of the same strength. I remember Keits saying that this was intended for Stick players to have a slightly easier time with those inputs.

My issue is that when I am watch a combo and attempting to break, I typically hold some buttons down to allow for a faster reaction time. For instance, if I decide to try to react to my opponent’s next medium or heavy, I will hold down the B button (as medium kick) with my thumb, and hold down one of the heavy buttons. Then, I will either press the rest of my thumb down or pull the other trigger for heavy. I guess when I am doing this I am pressing the combination that macros into another command.

Are there any plans on making this macro optional? And for that matter, can us pad players get the option to customize our right thumbstick? I personally would love to remove the mediums and heavies from my right stick, and apply lights to all thumbstick directions. I would really love that level of customization on the stick to get the fastest possible throws and throw techs.

By the way, does anyone know exactly what the 3 new button macros are? I haven’t thought about it but I might be able to change my breaker habits by pressing in different buttons as I prepare, but I need to know which ones trigger the shortcut.

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The macro rule is:
Instead of pressing a PUNCH and KICK of the same strength, You can substitute any strength KICK button with LIGHT KICK in any “2 buttons, same strength” situation. (The strength of the punch button is what matters. LK can be used for every one of those situations.)

The best advice i can give you is to stop holding down the buttons. The analog stick is an advantage, you should use it.


Well I keep a kontrol freek on my right thumbstick, and it’s simply way too slow to hover my thumb over it. That’s why I only use it for lights because I can brush my thumb down and it will nudge the stick downwards from the side.

I also don’t want to keep my thumb over the thumbstick during a combo because if the combo stops abruptly, I might need to press the appropriate normal attack quickly.

And yeah, that makes sense. I guess my example was incorrect but I was just going by memory. I do remember this occurring the most when I was hovering my thumb over lights. But there’s a very particular way I break that would not work with using a stick. For instance, when I react to a move that I want to break, I will bring both fingers down on both heavies (I bind each heavy to a shoulder trigger) and I will simultaneously bring my thumb down over either lights or mediums. And then very quickly, as I am bringing both down, I make a last minute change based on whether the move actually is a heavy or not. I will then make sure that I move my thumb down faster than my fingers in the event that the move is not a heavy. It’s pretty advantageous to me because I can make addendums to my breaker choice as I am already moving, and I’ve been ingraining that style of breaking since Day 1 so I doubt I could change it now.

But now that I know it’s only light kick that triggers it, I guess I’m good to keep breaking how I do but I just have to break lights with the stick and use my thumb on mediums

To be honest, I have no idea why kiets said it helps stick players when it really does nothing, the new macro rule button combination thing doesn’t really help tbh, there isn’t any less travel time. It is just faster to break the normal way of pressing for example HP and HK. I really don’t understand the purpose of this rule since it has screwed me over plenty of times as well