To the dev

I have a problem in the online in ki, It started after the last update so i can’t play in lobby anymore and I get a lot of disconnect in ranked and EX i don’t know why.
Before the last update i was fine but now I can no longer play the game I love.
btw i’m from Saudi Arabia, I hope to fix this problem as soon as possible, Well I know that my contact may be bad sometimes but as I said earlier I did not face these problems before the update.
I support ki a year and a half ago and I will continue to do so, As you know, you have fans in the Middle East so do not forget us.
I hope this is the right place for this topic.

fight on (With sad face).

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Join the rest of the forums…

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WOO HOO! I new not paying for the online mode would pay off some day! My KI experience is unhindered and unchanged! Viva couch multiplayer!

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Yeah, from my understanding it’s a Xbox Live issue. It’s affecting not only KI but several games, including the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta.

@CausingThought6 Come on man, don’t be that guy…


hey, i just feel vindicated. Not paying extra for something that apparently has the potential to just shut down and take away part of my experience.

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Do you have the same problem, I thought it was just me.

We all are having this problem dude,hopefully is fixed soon!


Wow I never even knew this a problem, I’ve been playing bloodborne the past couple of days I hope it gets fixed.

The only problem I have with KI is the lack of competition, constant complaints, and the unanswered question of when we getting the remaining ultimates :upside_down_face:

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That’s not unanswered. You just don’t like the answer. big difference.


What do you mean by “lack of competition”? There are still a few online/offline tournaments. There is also “ranked mode”. The game doesn’t need constant prize pools to be competitive. Now right now with the online bug “an issue that I didn’t even know about” I can see how there is not as much competitive play.

As far as the Ultimates, they did say they were only doing 15 of them. The problem is/was that several people refuse to believe it. They think that it was just a joke and the others will be done. With the way people acted about them, I don’t see them making any more.

This fourm may have some arguments in it, but at least it has traffic. Even if I take out the arguments, this 4 year old fourm has more traffic than the main Injustice 2 fourm does.

I do feel bad for all the people that are affected by the online issue. I hope it gets fixed quick.


Not many people are playing that anymore either. It’s actually taking longer to find games in ranked and exhibition. Even before the current issues came about.


Lmao bro stop. ranked don’t mean Jack ■■■■ let’s really be honest here, yes it’s fun (every once in awhile) but it’s not as competitive as it used to be. And online tourneys are OK. (EMPHASIS ON THE WORD OK) I never mentioned a thing about big money tournaments for this game but I’d like to see more offline events online tourneys are cool and all but I miss the intensity from offline events but that’s just me. Back to the online scene about it being ok. I’ve met some good players online through my practice of getting into this game again ragnorok,itztymetodul and couple others heck, even a couple of my old training partners from seasons 1 and 2. But when playing online there 2 main things that come to mind lag/desync Which is nerve wrecking due to the bug as you stated. As for ultimates I already know that the ultimates were only available to 15 characters but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the remaining cast.Funny part is that my characters got them so I shouldn’t be worrying but I’d still like to see Kim Wu, Orchid, Spinal, Cinder, and maybe even the boss characters would be an awesome addition to the game since they didn’t even really have their own ultra combo in the classics until now so why the hell not.

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You should try Ranked now… it’s back and you might find there’s a ton of people on it.

Tried it last night before marvel was finished installing. It was still the same story.

i agree on last night. lmk what u find after this morning though. if it’s anything like my experience. im sure you’ll find it different. I’ve played about 8 different matches and no repeat opponents, all under 5-10 seconds to get each match.