TJ's Rival? Orchid's Superior? Jago's Master?

Besides overhauling the game’s story and fixing Training Mode to include challenges and tests for every character and a proper arcade mode and season 1-style ending, there’s a few characters I’d like to have added to the game to address the dearth of character development and fix their one-dimensionalness as EVERYBODY seems so hopelessly shallow and empty in the plot department.

Here’s some ideas I just had on the fly I felt like sharing.

Characters I’d like to see IF there is a going to be a season 4…

TJ’s Rival: The guy who beat TJ in the ring and humiliated him enough to beg Ultratech to give him augmented arms to reclaim his title. His storyline would end with him going up against TJ and proving once and for all that TJ, for all his bragging, has a lot to learn.

–Fighting Style: Not really sure. He would have to also be a boxer, because he took out TJ in the ring, but probably has a much more defensive back-forth swaying style of combat, and perhaps a dash that’s so quick he almost seems to teleport across the screen. He might have some projectile of some sort and his instinct perhaps would make his punches so fast they blur and hit multiple times.

Orchid’s Superior: Whoever it is that Orchid is talking to on her com device before the match starts. He or she coordinates with Orchid in her crusade against Ultratech. Together her and Orchid work together to dismantle the corporation for good, except he or she is a bit less… subtle about it.

–Fighting Style: Ordinance and Tech. He or she uses mines to control space and set up juggle combos, maybe even a grappling hook to move around or pull the enemy in for combos. In instinct, he or she gets a floating mech that uses projectiles and missiles to zone or shutdown combos. In close range he or she can activate an energy field around him or her to use as an anti-air shock that can set up the opponent for a high KV counter attack.

Jago’s Master: The guy who trained Jago and helped him learn how to control and expel the Omen within him. Jago’s master taught him everything he knows and when he learned of Gargos’ invasion he decided he could no longer stand idly by and watch as the world gets destroyed from his temple steppe. He travels through the portal and sacrifices himself to make sure the portal never opens again.

–Fighting Style: He uses a bo-staff to great affect, using it to vault over attacks, turn throws into counter-throws, reflect projectiles and make a general nuisance of himself with excellent normals and thrusting poke attacks. He can also throw projectiles, but only from the air.

I’d also like to see:

-Eagle: Thunder’s brother before (or I guess after) Ultratech screws with him.
-Another character from Maya’s faction of warriors.
-A new character made by Ultratech (I’m thinking an insect creature)

But these are just ideas off the top of my head. The story needs to be fleshed out better, everyone’s such a personality void and its kinda frustrating no one seems to matter in the grand scheme of how this story plays out. Overall I’m disappointed by season 3 and I think it would be a poor sendoff to end development on it now without one more season to fix all the things that still seem to be missing.

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TJ was beaten by Fulgore, if I recall.

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TJ got beat by Fulgore, Jago’s master is Gargos and Orchid’s in charge of the shadow-ops she belonged to making her superior the American president.


I still want to see a male vampire, since Mira has an entire faction I could see them adding on in. Maybe one that turns into a beastly Nosferatu vampire to differentiate him from Mira’s trope. Or maybe another alien race acquainted with Glacius’ species.


The real Tsar, leader of the Coven, the First vampire:
The cursed noble from Kan-Ra’s backstory, cursed with eternal hunger due his plot against the king, he managed to overcome(partially) his curse feeding with blood

Normally, he looks like a human with the picture’s head, but if he fills his “blood meter”, he transforms himself into a bigger monster like this:

He can mantain this form for limited time. He has this form during Instinct.


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Wasn’t the story that, he was a normal guy, that got beaten by someone in the ring, and humiliated he turned to Ultratech who gave him powerful arms to reclaim his title, only to tell him to throw the fight against Fulgore as ‘payment’ for his surgery? Shortly thereafter he ripped out the arms and faced Fulgore without them, and won.

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I still want to see unused vampire join KI season 4…

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TJ was beat by TJ in that fight. His story says that he became the classic boxer cliché, giving in to women and the party life. He didn’t train, and thus he was beaten. After that, he did what he usually does, and reverted to cheating.

Orchid doesn’t have a superior, she IS the superior of the Disavowed. Orchid is the leader and founder of her organization.

Finding out more about Jago’s monastery would be kind of cool.

I think it is safe to assume that Eagle will make an appears in S4 (assuming that it will be a thing).

Maya is the last of her Order. They were all wiped out by UT during the invasion which freed Kan-ra.

Have you read all the character backstories, the Novella, the in-game dossiers? There is A TON of info out there that gives all/most of the characters context and depth. Sure there can (and will) be more depth to create and dig into (did you know they announced a KI comic to come out late next year?), but what we have so far is pretty good and well done.

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Sounds like a waste of character resources.

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The line ‘Target Spotted’ just makes me think she’s talking to someone. That intrigues me. The person on the other line doesn’t have to be a superior of course, but obviously it’s more than just her. Who else does she work with? Mysteries!

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Honestly I always took it like how Guile constantly says “Mission start” to no one in particular. They’re talking to themselves. Which is… creepy…

I assume Orchid responds the same way when she sees a dessert she wants to eat.

Seriously though, maybe it could be a hacker type character she’s talking to, ala Oracle and Batman… minus the wheelchair though. Would actually fit the whole 80’s/90’s movie tropes too.

If you listen VERY carefully , she IS talking to someone during her intro.

I believe it goes:

Man on Radio: Orchid, Confirm Visual.

Orchid: Target Spotted.

Man on Radio: What’s your time estimate?

Orchid: This should be quick.

off the top of my head, sorry, can’t remember the first part

So she could be part of a team, or she could be a superior.


I think it’s “Orchid, confirm…”

I think it’s something like confirm position or objective.

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Confirm Visual. Thanks! Just remembered!

no prob

Political discussion has absolutely no place in a public thread.

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I knew exactly why my post was flagged, and I will definitely concede. I just couldn’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I’ll get on topic then:
There are other ideas I’d rather see than the MKX/SF approach of “Okay, we have this character, and we’re going to throw in their boss’s uncle too” approach to roster building. We already have enough sibling rivalries in the game, and a few characters that serve as leaders of their respective groups. Adding more would make what we have less special.