TJ got really free DAMAGES

PLEASE @TheKeits @developers is it possible to balance tj AUTO-BARAGE please he got so much in 7 hits? and when you get a lockout thats a 60% free without shadows. when others character has to work really hard for only 30% in 18 hits or more hits .
please @TheKeits try to do something please

I would like to know if im the only to see that. i can post video from it. guys doing nothing else than search the lockout then use auto barage as ender. its just disguting!!! to have so much and doing almost nothing special.


I can see your point, and yeah, the damage is epic, when I dont break it I usually take anything from 48% - 60% usually.

But I fully understand why they made him like that, and why it hasn’t been nerfed - I kinda think its fair that he has it.

TJs play style relies heavily on manuals, HK Smash is a good example of this - even when he is out matched by a good zoning opponent, once you get in close you need to make the damage count with TJ, even if its only a short window before he gets out zoned again

There are ways to deal with auto barrage. Considering TJ doesn’t really have a great traditional damage ender, it means it’s hard for him to capitalize on lockouts (without shadow) because by the time he confirms the lockout, he usually doesn’t have enough time or KV to enter barrage.

To be honest, if anything, I think barrage should do slightly more damage. It certainly shouldn’t do less.

Breaking barrage is decently hard, but doable if you look for exactly one type of animation and only break that type when it comes. That’s not the full story of course, but it’s a start.


i’m total ok with what you , but in a S3 season where all cast S1 & S2 get nerf he still got the same amount of damages and thunders too, IMO thats really bad for the matchups with peoples fighting against TJ s2 and now.

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i understand it well but every character in this game needs damages too, why damages is it only allowed to some and some not? i can’t understand that. look glacius nerf, fulgore nerfs, jago nerfs etc… meanwhile thunders tj , riptor and others are enjoyin the games. without doing something really crazy like setups

jut don’t forget that peoples fights againts these characters since s1 or s2 they has established the matchup rules( and now wee get nerfs and they stay at the same level like s2 or better.

can’t u break tjs barrage by watching the KV meter?

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oh… and merry Christmas

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Here is the thing. The damage should not be equal. Some characters have a lack of damage but excel in other areas. I don’t know where you got the equality of damage concept from but it’s wrong.


Lmao stahp please this is to funny. Let’s really be honest here there are characters in this game that can keep out TJ. He can’t even cancel into his linkers while doing the auto barrage once you start the auto barrage you have to commit. Leave the character alone. He still has to get in which involves “work”.


Some characters do more than damage than others, because others have tools and other things that can make them dangerous otherwise.


(Thanks @Dayv0)

Honestly, man, do you really believe damage is the only thing that defines a good character?

I’ll let the rest of this thread give reasons for why this isn’t true, cause they’ve pretty much already said my lines.


i thank you for this anwers cause i really like it, thats total true what you say there, so can i now what tools tj is missing? do i have to list them all?


at his side maya can be very anvious to lose tools when others get full. just check out the top 50 in rank and list how manny good characters you can see, most of them are always the same since s3. cause when you are a good player and you got a good character thats just easy to grind the top 50 in rank.

i do no have to say more just check by yourself the top 50 in rank i think you should understand that the top 32 is not allowed to all characters even if you are a good player, when you character ask too much wurk thats just fight for days.

so in all these can i know what is he missing?

Auto barrage is very easy to break. It deserves to make that damage. Tj has to commit to five break points.

Auto barrage has as much drawback than benefit


You forgot the bad defense, lack of meterless reversal, bad normals compared with many characters…

You are being very biased man. You only focus on the strong points of TJ (and I would disagree with some ), and choose to ignore the weak points

Also, are you asking for a NERF? haven’t you stated in other posts that people shouldn’t ask for nerfs for other characters?

All characters can have specialists on top 32. Maybe not this month, but also not all specialists try to get there. Some just play offline

And some characters demands more work to juice them out, but what do you want, 26 Jagos?

KI is really well balanced. Some characters are better than others of course, but the best character doesn’t automatically wins the worst.

You have to understand that KI mechanics allows some players to overcome things that in other games just makes some characters imbalanced


All those things you listed can’t really be used if he goes for damage. He has weak defense. He has a tough time getting in. Limited footsies. Being unsafe. It balances out.


You just have to wait for the right animation and boom! TJ’s auto barrage can be very easy to break.

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LOL I GOT YOU FRIEND but every characters in this game are easy to break first one glacius and maya but they got ((what devs call)) balancing in damages. and iam almost sure that im not the only one to see that his damages are abused. my bad cause thats not the only one in this situation. i’am almost sure that some changes are comming in the future. another BALANCING PATCH

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Leave TJ alone #Adapt

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Also please give my older fans the classic TJ clothing and badass facial features from KI (1994) Currently i look like Rukari.

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Perhaps you are lol jk