Titan's Vengeance

So, did anyone choose to kill Eyedol at the end the questline? It’s the only way I can think of to get the Titan’s Vengeance dossier, and I already finished the questline on my own, so I’m curious to see if anyone managed to get it.

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I didn’t, but his in-game bonus is called Titan’s Vengeance, so I imagine the dossier would be based on that and unlocked randomly by using Eyedol in a deployment/battle.

Most likely IG goofed again with the unlocks like Blood Vampirism and the 2 Gargos cinematics.

It’ll probably be fixed by the next patch (when I also imagine they’ll add dossiers for Tusk and Kim Wu’s in-game bonuses).

I chose to recruit him, and I never got the quest again. I didn’t ■■■■■ it up did I?

I’m certain I have at least one of those dossiers…

Besides, the Titan’s Vengeance is said to drop from a “Special Quest”, like Umbral Militia or Stalker Hatchery. If not the recruitment quest, then I don’t know what it would be,

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I’m pretty sure I got the dossier and I recruited him.

I just finished the quest chain again on my little brother’s account.

I got the dossier, and the quest doesn’t seem to reappear in subsequent playthroughs.
Also, Eyedol didn’t unlock.

So for now, it looks like one or the other, though I heard that in the next update, they plan on making Kan-Ra’s Request and Relic Hunt respawning.



It just hit me.

You get the Dossier for Eyedol’s bonus by killing him. But by killing him, you lock yourself out from playing Eyedol in Shadow Lords. And it goes into detail about the ability.

Izzik and Drench count as projectiles, by the way. And Omen and Gargo’s projectiles don’t cause hitstun on Eyedol.

Also, I checked. I have both Tusk and Kim Wu’s new dossiers, so those don’t seem to be glitched.

I killed him. Needs to be erased from history.

Based on what I’ve gleaned about you, that makes sense.

Hmmm…I only show what I want.

D James said the fix for the Titan’s Vengeance issue was coming with this update, but I’ve still yet to figure out how to pull it off. Playing matches using Eyedol has yielded no results, and I haven’t seen the quest to make him join your team occur again.

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any news? :frowning:

In fact, yes. Go to Eyedol’s list of dossiers in the characters section and press X to reset story progress. (Don’t worry, this won’t make him unplayable or get rid of the dossiers you’ve already earned.) Then just do the questline to unlock him again, and you’ll get Titan’s Vengeance this time.


I just got the dossier as a drop from an Eyedol Shadow.

So I don’t need to reset story progression to get it?

You don’t, but given how it’s like a 1 in 26 chance of finding an Eyedol Shadow, I think resetting story progress might be easier.

That won’t lock eyedol out of shadow lords will it

No, only resets the progression on the quest. Its the easier way of getting the dossier.