Titanfall 2 [HYPE]

Its finally happening.

Everyone has the joke about how they played titan fall for 3 weeks, then never played it again.

I was the same way.


That game was so freaking good. I believe that the reason people stopped playing it is because the progression system got very stale.

Are you guys looking forward to Titanfall2?
Any good experiences with Titanfall 1?
Anyone still want to play Titanfall1?
Want to speculate?


I’m definitely looking forward T2. All I play is Titanfall and Killer Instinct. The fast pace, non stop action is what I like about Titanfall over COD. Hope they keep the formula the same, just add more maps, weapons, Titans, and game modes. The game does a lot right and you can’t deny that.

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Is there any news on that game? I never played titanfall but I’d like to try the second one.

Interested, want to see what they can implement to innovate.

I played Titanfall to prestige level 10, but it’s been a really long time since I played it last. It was a good game, but it lacked a long term support plan to keep people beyond the initial release phase, and it being only on Xbox One at launch wasn’t a very big helping point.

I did enjoy some of the added gametypes they eventually added, such as that horde mode type game where you have multiple waves of different enemies and a castle defense type system in play, but by that time, it’s major audience had moved on.

I for one though am looking forward to the sequel, and hope they’ve upped the ante with an honest to goodness single player campaign and not some story multiplayer based BS like the last one turned out to have. I hope there are more varieties of titans and abilities as well too. I like the Ogre and the Atlas, but at least a little extra variety would be appreciated. I also hope they improve greatly on the burn card system, and put in some sort of ranking system worth being a part of that made actual sense. The prestige and rank up requirement were easy enough to understand, but that late game thing they did just put me off.

I’d like to be able to customize the Titans to an extent by more than just class loadouts. Man I would love to customize paint jobs and stuff, the titans look pretty much alike anyway no matter what team you were on.

Overall, the game would benefit the MOST from cross-platform play between Xbox and PC platforms. With a wider possible audience now, and an ambitious demonstration of concept with its first iteration, the game is set up to have a big chance for success. I also hope they can learn some from Halo 5 and it’s post launch content support, though Respawn had good ideas already on that front too.

I’m interested because I loved the first one, but there are a lot of things they will need to do to make it worth buying a sequel:

  • more guns/attachments/modifications for both Pilots and Titans. (Unlocks via progression)
  • more character and titan visual customization (Unlocks via progression)
  • smarter NPCs who can complete objectives
    -get rid of the smart-pistol
  • upgrades to the jump pack (mods, essentially: faster boost, or more fuel, or a special jump type)
  • more maps would be good, along with an actual branching Story mode for single player and a series of branching, changing matches for a Multiplayer Story.

Does anyone want to bet that they will go the “Massive Multiplayer” route, and just have like 100 people in one game playing “10 objective hardpoint”?

I’m excited! I definitely got atleast a few months of playtime on the first one, and now that the second one will have a single player story, I will play the ■■■■ out of it.

PC support was bad. Respawn was a bunch of old COD4 guys from Infinity Ward who left activision. I had high hopes for them since I played COD4 in competitive leagues. Alas, the game was not modifiable (essential for competitive play) and did not support dedicated servers outside of their own. Furthermore for the longest time you couldn’t even do private servers which is a big FU to competitive players.

There are people still playing COD4, kind of says something about giving your users more control. But I get it, they want quick money, you can’t sell season pass’s and map packs if your player base has the capability to create their own maps. Then again may you can, but I don’t see many companies taking that risk.

I’m jumping on the hype train. I loved the first one. Eject! eject! eject!.

Gameplay wise, Titanfall was one of the best multiplayer shooters I’ve ever played. Fast paced gameplay, guns that all felt good, cool locales, a potentially interesting universe…
It was really hungry for content, though. No real campaign, no splitcreen, no cosmetics, no real stakes in a lot of cases.
It sounds like they’re trying to rectify these issues. I look forward to it.



I’m skeptical. I don’t want anything like the freaking jetpack from Halo Reach or Halo 4. I kinda like the mechanic though where the more wall running, bounces, and acrobatics you pull off, the more speed and momentum you have.

I played a bit of this a while back, and it was the first multiplayer shooter I’d enjoyed in a long time. Definitely looking forward to the sequel.

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What was wrong with the smart pistol?

I used to be pretty freakin’ good at shooters, and i never found a use for it. If you can aim even slightly, the smart pistol is useless.

The problem I had with it was that it allowed people to get “free” kills if they were able to simply stay near enough to you for a little bit, as opposed to having to aim directly at you before pulling the trigger.

The range attachment also allowed it to have a pretty hefty range too.

could you kill someone even if they were looking at you?

I don’t entirely understand the question.

It takes so long to lock-on, that i thought it was useless in a head-on gunfight. I thought you had to be sneaky and make sure they didnt see you, or you would loose for sure.

If we came face to face around the corner at the same time, yeah, it was a useless weapon. The problem, in my opinion, is that you can lock on from a pretty large distance while running towards somebody and then instantly snag a kill. Unless I’m mistaken, the bullets were able to curve around corners somewhat, too.

I just think an assault weapon should be aimed manually rather than being able to have the game do it for you with a lock-on.


Sorry, Pass!! I have Titanfall on PC its just another console COD clone with mercs added in. They are all the same crappy repetitive game sameway BF3 and 4 are repetitive COD gameplay dumbed down for the masses. Wish I could get back the money I wasted on BF3 and 4.

I will stick to Arma 3 where it takes real military skills to get a shot and where I can get all my mods like Breaking Point etc. Community always create greater games than the company looking for their yearly iteration of the COD clone. Even CS GO is such a far far far far better game than these cod clones which is why CS GO is the number 1 ESPORT FPS in the world.