Tips on choosing a main in killer instinct

Sup people are you trying to choose a main in killer instinct? Well I’m going to help you slove that problem with some tips.

Tip 1:learn the combos
Now this one seems obvious but you should do it head over to training and learn what that character can do and spend your free time in training.

Tip 2:Bond with the character
Now you may not understand this but I will tell you what it means.Learn to relate with the character such as get to know there feelings and learn the lore of that character it will be worth it oh and make sure your main is level 40 or higher.

Tip3:Try your own setups
You can experiment with this mainly in training you can find ways to do manuals and different combos you can come up with.

Tip4:Learn the frames of the characters
Mainly with this you should learn how to time and count the start ups to attacks I won’t go in depth with this but you experiment with it.

Tip5:show your main off
Now this is my last tip pretty much show off combos colors and other stuff.

I hope this will help you find a main fight on.


Nice tips =)
Choosing a main in fighting games is something I’ve always enjoyed. If I don’t seem to find a main I feel the game is not for me (Guilty Gear maybe =\ )

eg.this is not a fighter but for instance I’m not liking characters in Gears 4 and that also kills the bonding. Usually in fighters I would fall in love with a character because: I like their looks, gameplay, personality. However gameplay is the most important, I must feel comfortable with it.
I may like characters I won’t use because the way they play (for instance: Thunder or Spinal, they look amazing but not suited for my style).

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I’m glad you enjoyed it.