Timer on Music Select- Multiplayer

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Good morning Devs! I have a suggestion that Id really like to see implemented into the game.

In Mulit-player, Exhibition and Ranked during the character select you get a timer for both participants to select there character.But during Stage select/ Music select the timer is one sided. It only works for the player in the Player 1 position.

There is no time for player 2 to select his preferred music choice. This is very frustrating becasue even if you try and hurry up and pick your song if Player 1 just mashes random select it cancels out your choice and goes with the default.
Also while I was at KIWC during LCQ I noticed there was no choice for Player 2 to make a music choice. I think Player 1 should get stage choice and Player 2 gets music choice. Or like in MK X they both get to pick a stage and then it goes Random between the 2 stages chosen.

Are any of these ideas a possibility anytime soon?
Thanks for your time-r lol :wink:


This is definitely an issue. For this reason I generally don’t bother to select the music.

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