Thunders Damage is OP

Might as be one of the first posters to complain about something on the new forums :laughing:
Thunders damage is ridiculous.
I understand that he is grappler, but he moveset is too good for the kind of damage he is allotted.
I also feel that some of his animations are too ambiguous in regards to attack strength.

There’s my opinion. Crucify me as you see fit…or just nerf TJ more, it’s fine…

(New forums are pretty cool but are reeeally going to take some getting used to IMO)

That’s the point of Thunder. Do you know how hard it is for Thunder to get in and have control? He needs to have good damage once he gets in because it’s not exactly easy for him to get in.

Don’t let Thunder get close to you.

I mean, it could be worse, he could be T. Hawk.

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Unfortunately, I really can’t agree with you. Thunder was designed that way, he is the pinnacle of rush-down and damage. Of course, with this he does have his inherent weaknesses. Slow walk speed and a floaty jump make Thunder struggle against just about anyone with decent zoning abilities. I myself main as Kan-Ra, so from experience I can tell you that if you can keep Thunder at distance, you’ll find it very easy to manipulate and predict his movements across the stage. My biggest tip is to not get distracted by his Instinct’s dash ability. While it is very fast and invincible in it’s startup, if he’s closing in from mid or full screen, you should easily be able to catch him coming out of the dash.

What about non-zoner characters…am I wrong in assuming that some characters actually need to be in “The Thunder Dome” to hurt this beastly ■■■■■■■■■■■■?!

SabreWulf can own Thunder on just about everything, he’s faster, Jumping Slash will beat CotE, and Ankle Slicer, and Hamstring Slide will beat Triplax. Running Uppercut is safe too. TJ doesn’t really care, and everyone else has some sort of projectile.

Learn Thunder’s specials and find the specials/normals that your character can beat with.

So you’re supposed to just projectile spam the whole time!? I don’t want to leave the match feeling dirty.
That’s some greasy business right there…or is the point to be greasy? Can I get greasy enough that if he grabs me I’ll slip out of his grasp? If so, I am so down for this slippery-good time.

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Well, as Frodo mentioned, Thunder’s rushdown abilities are slightly eclipsed by Sabrewulf, but you have to remember, at his heart Thunder is a grappler character. Where Thunder is a rushdown grappler, our friendly neighborhood werewolf is a pure bred rushdown character. So with that being said, Thunder’s strategy is generally to fool you into simply blocking his onslaught so that he can use his command grab. Key is to stay on the move and look for openings. Also, practice on your Shadow Counters, almost all of his specials are fodder for a well timed shadow counter. It has saved my @$$ more times than I can remember against competent Thunder players.


Also to anyone reading please keep in mind that I don’t expect anything to be done about it. I’m just super salty when it comes to that big bad groper. (This was partially a test for the new site, which I am instantly starting to enjoy. Good job on the site!)

Oh wow I’m feeling dumb that I didn’t think of that. Thank you for opening my eyes to this.

Aganos can do just as much as Thunder from anywhere on the screen in an instant if you don’t respect him with a stock of shadow. It doesn’t matter what move you do, he will punch you through a wall for 30-40% out of no where. That said, Thunder will grab you to throw you off, his pressure can be threatening at some points but his overheads are horribly slow, so just block low and keep your sides covered from his dash cancels if he is doing that. He is like Sabrewulf in the fact that his overhead is extremely risky, but unlike Wulf, he doesn’t need the overhead he can use a back throw instead or a CotE. So he has damage, he has a few tools but, the only tool he has to use a mixup to open you up is a throw, and if you can tech, bam! Neutral game again and he just wasted all that time.