Throwback Sunday - Ki 2013 reveal and old builds!

As Max, i cried when they revelead ki.
As a launch tittle, i got an xone on day 1 without think twice!

I was watching some old videos so i can share here with u guys! I bet u guys know those videos, but its fun to watch again to see how much the game was improved! And some different effects, voices (like jago’s win quote) is also fun to watch!


Here go the famous max reaction to the very first time ki worldwide reveal

Here is ki on sgc mystery game reveal, and double ultras showed! hype as fuc**!

Here is the complete tournamenrt set on sgc! And also you can see the details of that really old build

Every sunday i’ll post old ki videos and stuff!
Hope u like! :slight_smile:

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I was only 13 when KI 3 got announced but even then I played the heck out of KI snes and KI gold and flipped out when I saw the announcment. Now then…whenz Primal Rage Kappa.

Primal rage was dope!
A new version is welcome

Show the bear accessories vid! Now that was funny! :smiley:


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I might as well throw in these videos which showcased the Xbox 360 Prototype, and it just looked like how it was in the early builds…



Those 360 protos are awesome to watch!
If u look closer, its similar to the early xone builds.

Maybe some guy has those 360 builds and release as iso or sell on Assembler!

I remember when it was announced…I missed it because I was changing a diaper (not mine)…I saw all the rest of that E3 press conference, but when I stepped out of the room for like 2 minutes…that’s when they played the announcement trailer.

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Part of me has always thought that Max reaction video was fake (as in, he knew it was going to be announced beforehand). Has he talked about this at all? Like, is it a legit reaction to the first time he ever found out about the game?

Maybe this video of his could help…