Thoughts on FFXV

I named that little dog thing in FFXV Platinum Demo Hisako.

I have been waiting for this game for 10 years now, like so many other Final Fantasy fans! I saw the livestream where they uncovered a bunch of stuff, amongst them the release date! September 30th this year! Can’t freaking wait! :smiley:

And that “dog” thing is called a Carbuncle! :3
Freaking cutest version of him ever! He looks like a fennec fox! <3

Adorable! :smiley:

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I saw the trailer a bit ago. I like the Stand By Me bit. Very unique for a FF trailer.

The trailer looks very good and I’m pre-ordering it when I get home from work. Can hardly believe this game is actually coming out now.

The stuff I saw from last night’s uncovering (which admittedly wasn’t much given that I couldn’t find a stream that actually worked) has me intrigued, but I really need to get the game in my hands and try out the gameplay and the systems and what not.

Most of what I’ve seen is either a bunch of dudes dressed in black with iffy haircuts driving around or Noctis running around and slashing enemies or running in pretty areas, or small parts of beautiful cutscenes.

I want to be interested in this game and I should really try and find more stuff on it. FF games through FFX were automatic purchases for me, but I disliked FF XIII so much that I’m still on the fence when it comes to FF XV. Guess I’m still in the “curious” camp.

It is incredibly cute… Now I want to see an updated version of a Moomba!

Played the demo through and I’m struggling to like it. It’s like a not fun version of Dark Souls to me. Not really what I was hoping from Final Fantasy.

Music is excellent, heavily leans on Conan in parts, but still great.

I feel like all I can do is hope for the best. The game looks solid from what I’ve seen, but I don’t trust Square Enix to make good games anymore at this point.

I will decide when I get the game and play it for myself. Until then, I’m not going to speculate about it.

Played the demo. Seemed like Kingdom Hearts.

Similar experience. The only thing keeping me going is the music and scenery. MGSV made me appreciate Japanese games and their different controls humor so I thought I’d try it. It has some funky controls and I don’t really understand the sword throw teleport but I was able to chain the attacks into a combo and that made me see the potential of the game. Will give it a go with the actual game.

But… Deus Ex man. That alone blows nearly every game out of the water.

Well I’m still in need of a good JRPG for Xbox One and this seems like it may be good enough at least until Scalebound releases. Sure the characters looks like they belong in a boy band but the scenery is beautiful and the gameplay is engaging enough.