This is an explanation of bad netcode in SFV

"The reason why Street Fighter 5 netcode is bad, is because of 2 things.

One, It unfairly, puts all of the latency on one player instead distributing it between them both.

and then the second thing that’s wrong is that, it doesn’t have a clock speed synchronization function (?)
so because of that whatever computer or system is running faster than the other is the one that’s constantly getting the rollback.

and it doesn’t try to speed or slow the game down slightly in order to get that done."

Because the variances in PC setups, PS4s and internet connections, it can cause significant rollback for one person in a match. So my high end PC wired into my modem is cause all of the roll back I’m having!? FUUUUU***!!!

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This makes me appreciate KI’s net code more than ever. When both players have a decent connection, the matches are incredibly smooth. Feels virtually identical to playing offline.


Why I have to keep cross play off on Sfv.

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I almost never had rollbacks when I was playing SF5 due to my potato computer.

No matter, I still don’t play this pos game.

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Honestly, I don’t think the gameplay is too bad for SFV. It’s just not to my taste.

The netcode is trash though. I didn’t understand how people could tolerate that stuff… until today!

I might give it a try again on my low end computer and see if there is a difference. It wouldn’t fix the input delay but it would fix the teleporting BS.

Is really that bad? Geez,no way I’m playing that game in ranked…I’ll leave it for casual play.

PS: because lag salt is real in ranked.

But seriously this one sided rollback is pure mindfuckery… People would get insanely mad at you and you would not have a way to realize why.

I was lucky to stumble across the rollback issue thread on reddit fairly early after I acquired SF5, and dropped immediately.

Not mentioning low skill ceiling, balance issues, clipping everything and stupid characters.

This game deserves to be killed with fire.

EDIT: the only redeeming quality of sf5 is ■■■■.

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