This area is getting spammed

So there flooding in this section of the form with character ideas I don’t know if it’s because the character section is for existing characters or what but five Character suggestions in one area is getting out of control

Then you send a report to the mods. You don’t make a new thread. The flag-icon shown under the posts are used to send a notice to the mods about some issue. ^^

Just saying this section of the form is getting spammed with new characters when there’s already a character section…I don’t know maybe this is a good place to put character suggestions but I think the character area is a better place to put these in.

Oh, this part of the forum is supposed to be the part discussing NEW character ideas. The part of the forum that is for character discussions is for the already established and existing characters already in the game. So no, it’s not a spam… they’re supposed to do that here.

It is correct that character suggestions for new character archetypes or specific characters belong in this section. The character subforums are for already announced characters and topics regarding them.

Hope that clears it up.

Says the one who kept spamming make KI rated M and rant threads :smirk:


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Guys, let’s be civil. He merely was trying to make a point, let the past be the past. He’s a KI fan like any of us.

I will admit there are a lot of character suggestions, but at this point, there’s not much room for doubt, IG probably already has the entire season roster planned out and under development. The suggestions, as valid as some may be, probably won’t happen anytime soon. However, it’s going to pretty awesome to see what characters they intend to show later on in the season, given the first half of it seems to be pretty well loaded with some big names.


well yes the characters are predetermined, we’re just having fun.

Most likely but there has been character suggestion threads for season 3 the moment season 2 ended I’m pretty sure IG have atleast listened to a few of them, I’m still hoping for that Medusa character.

I had 1 topic there are what 5 - 6 new character topics?

Glad you been following me though :slightly_smiling:

And there will be more character topics and there is nothing wrong with it, as told by CStyles himself. So…

So yeah, its gonna be spammed glad u agree. :slightly_smiling:

It isn’t spamming, no. It would be spamming if the same person was vomitting tons of threads with ideas that just popped into his head.

Well I apologise I didn’t mean anything by it, but my opinion I find the threads are ok as long as there all offering different idea’s.

i could get that, but its becoming a futer char topic

End of story, lock this up and move on.

Yeah, now you’re just whining…