Thinking Of Selling Mint KI Edition TE2

Hey Killers!

So I am a Killer Instinct nut, ever since merchandise started coming out (official/fan) I have always been all over them. One thing that i did end up picking up two of, yes two only because Gamestop made me wait months even though I pre-ordered it and they sold it on me because “they couldn’t find me in the system when it came in” but it was interesting to see that it sold in minutes and that they saw my reserve when I got there. Sorry for the vent part, it just took me a lot of work and aggravation to finally get the Killer Instinct TE2 arcade stick. On top of that I have just been a KI fan ever since 94/94, so i am still debating if I want to sell the stick, but if there is someone out there that would like it more than me, feel free to contact me.

This is a adult owned arcade stick in mint condition with less than 20 hours of use. I only updated to the classic light blue KI ball top but still also have the black ball top that came with it along with some artwork that was printed out at the time. Again, it is like selling my child lol, but if there is someone out there that would be happier than me having it, it would be worth it to me.

Depending on how much you wanted for it, and what the shipping cost would be, I’d definitely consider it.

Hey ColdSun, I live in New York tri state area, not sure where you are located. I could price out shipping after I weigh everything. At this point, just taking offers still as I am not 100% I want to let my baby go lol. If you want to submit an offer, just send me a msg.

Long Live KI!

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Moved it from site suggestions to here, hope thats ok :smile:

you can make me an offer, make it reasonable and we can go from there, its the holiday season, I am feeling generous :-)grinning:

If you’re still interested in selling it, I’d be willing to pay $120-150 depending on shipping. I’m up to negotiate.

I’m in the Phoenix Valley in Arizona.