Things that need to come back, or worked on Suggetion thread ,be positive

Ive seen from time to time differences in speed time/autos from S2 and s3 fighters and i dont know if IG is experimenting or what,example ive seen Maya who’s Auto kicks usually are slow , ive seen them sped up and i was wowed ,like this is what all fighters from S1 feel like. im not trying to bash IG its just i think they strayed too far from S1’s speed except for a few toons,Riptor being one who was and still is IG’s masterpiece fighter.

Things that need to come back

  1. Kan ra’s linear (from his position) spin animation and his shadow sand quake… the heavy hitter,that
    was one of their best moves and they got rid of it,sometimes i dont understand but they are the bosses.
  2. Cinder’s wider fission on the ultra combo where he could get a double ender/cancel roundhouse kick,increase his damage too please
    3.for the love of god slow down Maya’s daggers to the speed of jagos endoukens,please the hitbox after that is huge
    where she can (in the wrong hands) be angering to the opposition to the point of breaking controllers,lol!
    4.T.J’s ressurection,take it out,please,lol . and make his rollercoaster an opener and speed it up like KI1,dont you guys
    think that a 20 year old game,same characters and moves are faster than the current ki??? makes no sense,not all of em,no offense.
    5 . Omen’s mash potato kicks and the hitboxes after we try to get away are not balanced and too wide and not fair to any fighter ,when you have him flying down to get face to face and all they do is the kick mashing,its elementary.
  3. if shadow Jago ,while a good fighter has the only ultimate, either take it out or give very one ultimate ,we want or fatalities and ultimates back ,KI is not the same w/o them.
    7.its completley pointless for 3 to 4 toons to not have their own stages,make them please,make retro stages,people will pay for them,i would pay for cinders retro stage or even his fisson cancel with the roundhouse kick ,if you dont want to increase the size as when he was released make it bigger just on the ultra,because i got to say that was asthetically the coolest looking ender/cancel you guys ever made.

I love this game,i love that IG does listen for most of the time but sometimes gets offended on hard core fans criticism.

is it a financial issue or are you guys just done with it (ki)

  1. Did anyone even like the old shadow sand spikes? I don’t think many did. If any. Add on…was it even used?
  2. Increase cinder’s damage? Do you not know what cinder does? I question that.
  3. You call those fast? Oh boy…
  4. I dunno…I kinda like having TJ’s just save last breath because…why not? I don’t mind beating a second wind on em’. Just means the salt will be that much better when I win. The other option…you mean vortex? Do you evne know how fast it is now?
  5. Did you…oh I don’t know…practice against it and figure out a counter?
  6. KI is not the same without fatalities or ultimate’s…riiiiiight…
  7. Don’t know. We might get them, we might not. It is for the most part out of our hands.
  1. No one used the old Shadow Spike. The new one is better.
  2. What is a double ender? He already does a lot of damage. It is called burnout.
  3. So you want them to have the same effect as Endoduken but give them a nerf that the endoduken’s don’t have? If Maya’s daggers slow down, lets make Jago’s fireball bounce off if blocked and you need to collect them to use them again. Doesn’t seem right does it?
  4. Why do you want to take it out? It makes sense why the speed is slowed down. This game has something the old ones didn’t. It is called balance. It does make sense.
  5. What is a mash potato kick? What does it’s elementary mean?
  6. You want it taken out? Well sure. Just know that any backlash to IG will be directed to you and everyone will hate you. You want Ultimates but want his to be taken out if the rest don’t get one? KI is still KI without them. Of course it isn’t the same w/o them. If you add something,it wouldn’t be the same. That isn’t a valid arguement. You can say that they added a dot in a corner that is only a pixel and you can still say it isn’t the same.
  7. You are right here but threads on this already exists.
    IG is on a budget. Keep that in mind. Balance is very important.

the shadow sand spike animation was the closest thing to the slow mo glitches of the OG KI 93-94 ,and to any1 who knows what im talking about the white glitched out moves of KI1 are what alot of people strived for to further find something on their own that was unique,although off topic it was a good looking move,Gargos’s phantom punches look like SNES graphics,lol and plus it was a good move for defense against rush down players