Things I didn't realize about KI

No judgement here: post things you possibly weren’t aware about in KI that you later realized embarrasingly later than you probably should have.

Here’s one for me I just realized today:

I was not aware Fulgore’s color was an obvious Attack on Titan reference. Of course, I had only just watched the show this past couple of weeks, so…


Mira’s Color 9 is a reference to The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Fulgore’s reactor core/core reactor has the official logo design of Double Helix Games located inside it :wink: :grin: :smile: :sunglasses: :+1:

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On Color 4


I realized it but I bet a bunch of people never realized Mira’s accessories with the mask in cape is jack of blades from fable one


I didn’t know I had to hold a button for heavy linkers :flushed: :sweat:
Yes I know, tragic.
I realize about it some time later.


I didn’t know counter hits gave you extra frames of advantage. No wonder stuff randomly links that I can’t recreate in training mode.

It’s not an SNK reference, DH said back in the day it’s just a worn down, rusted Fulgore.

Fulgore is the dark souls of robot characters

Yeah same here, I didn’t find out about them until they made combo assist mode.

I thought it was meant to be bloody muscle fiber in reference to Fulgore being a cyborg.

Attack on titan wasn’t quite that big outside Japan yet when ki came out. Its just a rusty Fulgore

Nah bruh. Most titans don’t look like the armored titan. This wasn’t a coincidence.

Well even if it wasn’t a direct reference it’s pretty convincing. Honestly since day 1 I thought it was supposed to be a bone & bare muscle color, which makes sense if you think of all the muscle-like wiring or whatever it is on Fulgore.

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I also believe gargos minions are based off the two minions of hades in the Disney movie Hercules

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Fulgore looks like the predator :3

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As a matter of fact, the Predator is one such character that Fulgore was based off of as well as inspired by :grin: :smile: :sunglasses: :+1:

I know

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SPINAL SKIN COLOR 5 IS 50 CENT. gold teeth even… hilarious!