They bash and do nothing else

I’m mad…I’m mad because I try to promote the game which has become more popular in my country thanks to Steam. I like that new ppl can enjoy it. Even if there’s no competitive scene. I’m there to help if anyone wants to learn and to share the info (videos, Infil’s guide,etc) so they can have more tools to know the game.
It’s also true that argentine’s figthing game scene it’s not strong like Brasil and Chile and it’s pretty obvious that most want to be the king of their block and save tech for online little tourneys that nobody cares.

But I’m tired when someone add me as a friend only to shout in my page THAT THE GAME IS DEAD AND I SHOULD KNOW THAT.
Should I?? What on Earth, dude!!

First, I play what I want and when I want it. Second, the competitive scene is another story. But the game has been out for 4 years and I see that other figthing games haven’t gone that healthy talking about online matches.

I tried ranked these days, also playing with my boyfriend. Do you know how much I have to wait for a game? Almost a blink. I’m surprised that for a “dead game” I can find matches that fast! Wow! even Gears 4 which is almost a year out with the last update locked down regions made the game become pretty much dead in my zone. No more Gears for me, I just can’t stand waiting 1 hour for two miserable games and still have lag issues -__-. KI on the other hand, it’s working nicely most of the times.

This guy just added me to critize my effort to share KI stuff. I don’t understand…He used to play and support KI with his friends all the time and now he just hates the game and says its dead, season 3 or whatever. Saying you don’t like it is ok, but saying is dead? I mean, they had a group to promote KI in their city and they kept it to themselves. They talk cra…p about the local scene but they never did anything to encourage it. They are “the best in their neigbourhood” though they couldn’t beat me even when I was new and so they loved to destroy newcomers.

These kind of players are really bad for KI. Screaming the game is dead and bashing it whenever I want to share anything about it and when they never did anything for the game alone.
Fun fact: once I’ve heard they invited my team to play their tourney but didn’t invite me. That’s actually hilarious :joy: because I was the only one that played and spoke to them in friendly terms.

At least I beat most of them most of the times and meaningful matches.

Rant over/


Steamtards don’t deserve KI.


I’ll never understand the appeal of reaching out to people specifically to put down what they like. Or when they go to forums to specifically discuss things they don’t enjoy.

Like, if I don’t enjoy something, I stop playing it or listening to it or whatever. Life is already negative enough without seeking it out, so why surround myself with hobbies I don’t like?
The only explanation I have is that these are people who’ve never had to deal with true hardship and have to find something to make them miserable to try and maintain some feeling of humanity. And even then that’s just a straw man I threw together (though having worked in suburbia I know these people exist in one form or another).


You know, as many people that cry KI is dead, I was just thinking wouldn’t it be funny if they made a zombie color set (maybe Halo flood green) for all the characters and called it the KI is Dead series. Nothing better to beat dumb insults with than to own it and make it your own special thing.


Heh. Yeah, I never really saw the point of spending large amounts of time crapping on other people’s pages or forums or whatever because I didn’t like something. Just seems like a really inefficient (and negative) way to spend one’s time.

Play what you like for the reasons you like. No reason to stick around and hate on something you don’t.

And for what it’s worth, I find matches here in Singapore in about 10-15 seconds as well. Not bad for a “dead” game :joy:


comment in chat: "ki is dead lul"
streamer: “KI is dead? What do you me… hang on, gotta play this match”
< plays intense and fun match, starts searching for next match >
streamer: “Wow, crazy ending to that one, ok what were you saying? Oh yeah, KI is de… hang on, found another match”


That’s because people are stupid or have absolutely nothing better to do at all.

They don’t want you to beat them, and they are jealous of your play. This single statement is the only explanation you need to provide a consistent explanation for all the behavior you are observing from these guys. Maybe he thinks you’re pretty too, and just wants to get your attention. If you were in school he would be dipping your pigtails in the inkwell.

In any case, I can get on KI at 11 am EDT on a workday and get a stream of constant ranked matches. If this is “dead,” then death is fine with me.

Life is to short to worry about negative people and the dumb stuff they do.


Yeah pretty much this. Just ignore these people.

If it’s taught me anything it’s that I need to let this stuff go.

Trolls must be ignored, in any scenario or place

Do your best promoting the game @MaruMDQ, you do a phenomenal work there,and be proud of the support you give to the game. I’m proud of your efforts and the energy you put in this, as many other people are.

Trolls starve and die when ignored. Let them that way, and get strength from us, the people like me, who supports anyone who promotes the game with intelligence, like you do


Please make this a thing. I will buy these skins faster then a dashing Shago

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I started a thread about it here:


Also don’t bash any of the “trolls” that say stuff like this. There are legitimate newcomers who are confused on the longevity of this game and have been corrupted by bashes of the game. I was able convince him about what he was hearing false accusations and he said he would start playing the game. :+1:

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They kinda sound like the same kind of people who don’t want to admit that SFV is kinda bad.

An alarming trend I’ve noticed is that as soon as a new fighting game comes out, there are those types who immediately say they’re going to jump ship/start criticising KI in favour of whatever the new thing that’s come out is, I don’t understand this logic at all as there’s room for more than one fighting games series to exist, not everything has to be a competition. KI should be appreciated as the solid, feature-rich game that it is, not criticised the moment a new (and usually less complete package) is released. The only reasons I can think of for people doing this would be jealousy or burnout, or maybe that don’t want to adapt to the changes the game has had during the course of it’s life?


These people are everywhere! All over Facebook, some where here, tons on YOutbe (OMG)… and even at live tournaments. Just recently a guy walked across our stream at MSC and yelled out "Delete, Uninstall, KI is DEAD!"
So rude… I wanted to beat the hell out of him. Then later he is playing Blaze Blue to about 5 people in the room on stream. The same room KI was in…the small tournament reject room lol

But why he had to do that I dont know… my guess is all of these people either got wrecked so bad at KI they turned their frustration towards the game instead of themselves.


Honestly, it seems like such a hilariously stupid thing to point out that a game is “dead” like it’s either opinion disguised as factual information or some type of insult. If it’s the former, I mean… why ruin someone’s fun by informing them of something that doesn’t seem to bother them and if it’s the latter, well… WHY try ruin someone’s fun?

The whole trolling thing, I mean I get it… People are miserable and want to spread that misery or they somehow find enjoyment in making others angry at them. They revel in being pathetic; perhaps even wear it as a badge of honor. But it still makes me wonder where this came from and what fans can do to get this toxicity out of video games.

I don’t think there’s an answer, honestly. We just have to enjoy what we enjoy and accept the fact that the more we put ourselves out there or try to help or establish a community or connect with other fans or basically any interaction involving strangers, you increase your chances of coming in to contact with someone negative.

Maybe they’re having a bad day, maybe they’re frustrated about something completely unrelated to your game, maybe they just want to get a rise of someone to have some sort of meaningful interaction with another person or maybe it helps them bond with fellow trolls or FGC snobs or people who play the game they play or whatever. Could be anything.

Some enjoy every game out there and experience as much as possible, but some people choose teams. They form tribes. They receive filtered information from the echo chamber they unwittingly create and use that information to form opinions like SFV is awesome, if it’s not Capcom or Arc Sys it’s crap, American companies can’t make FGs, no one cares about story in FGs, NRS games are trash, KI is dead or anything else under the sun.

The easiest thing to do is ignore them. Offer to play a set, offer to teach them, and if they laugh in your face, well… You tried. You can’t make someone not be ignorant if that’s the direction they’re aggressively running in. Save you time, your attention, your energy and your enthusiasm for people that are worth it, rather than focusing on the bad experiences and the frustration that comes from them.

I focused too much on the frustration that comes from negative experiences with people in the first season of KI, when people were cussing me out and what not and it made me not play this game online for years. In doing so, I cheated myself out of hundreds, perhaps thousands of potentially great matches, experiences and interactions with cool people, all because I wanted to avoid the bad apples.

I’m just now starting to tip toe back in to online matches, so long story short, don’t let the bad apples spoil it for you. Play what you enjoy and spread that enjoyment. Not everyone will want to receive and that’s okay.

Oh and if anyone wants to destroy me at this game, you’re more than welcome to friend me and drop me a message to play sometime lol. :slight_smile:


You still owe me a set. :joy:

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Sounds good! Maybe we could play a few matches this weekend if you’re free? My crappy Sadira’s always up for a fight lol.

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I’m still fighting off flu currently, hopefully if I don’t feel like death we can. :joy:

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Oh that’s no good. Feel better soon! Shoot me a message on XBL once this plague has passed and/or you feel good enough to play a few rounds. :slight_smile:

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