There should be a secret Godlike Difficulty ending in Shadow Lords

I was watching what the Halo 5 Legendary ending,

(Setting is in space and you hear Cortana humming the Halo main theme, camera pans to an undiscovered Halo ring, and a shriek is heard, which sounds like it’s coming from inside the ring and people are speculating the Flood will return in Halo 6) and I wanted to know if the devs of KI could have a secret Godlike ending for Shadow Lords (For Example, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe if you unlock all endings for at least one character on Kyle Difficulty, there would be a small thing were a shadowy figure is staring at you, which that was a tease to ARIA) if you beat Gargos, something like, Gargos is really still alive but weakened, and another Shadow Lord decides to ally with him.

What do guys think?

Nah. I rather you delete this thread. Wouldn’t be a suprise if you caused it…lol. Sure why not.

If that idea is true, I would never touch the forums again​:joy::joy:

like Eyedol being the secret final boss


I know it sounds farfetched but I bet Shadow Lords is going to have a hidden unlockable character in it… And its Shadow Orchid~

No. It’s Shadow Shadow Jago… kappa


Secret chars: Agricultural Aganos, Evil Eagle, Arianna, Combat Combo, Groovy Gargos, Salty Sabrenerf, Kim Wu 2, I R Eyedol, Shadow Orchid, Mojo Jago, Holy Shadow Jago, Ornamental Omen, Halfgore, Lowgore, Nogore, Gassius, Male Mira, Maya Angelou, Ripinator X, Teeth, Spinal Tap, Cinderella, Lighting, Kaaaaaaannnnnnn!!!, Hersako, Road Rash, Dodge Raam, and Bitter Arbiter.


You mean Spinal’s twin brother Backbone?


I’ve kind of let go of the thought of a bonus 9th character this season, but yeah, why not, that would be epic!

What you’re actually looking for in terms of that ending is at the end of this video:
Boss Shago fights+secret ending

I’m not sure whether having a godlike ending would be fair really. At least with Boss Shago it’s semi-doable. Godlike Shadow lords I’m not so sure about

When in Instinct, Spinal Tap will just explode at random times.

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