Theory: Killer Instinct Season 4 and Scorpio update will be announced at E3

I have a feeling that we are getting the “Extended Season 3” as a way to keep fans interested until they are ready to show Season 4 with the Scorpio reveal. We’ll probably be seeing some of the characters featured in the poll last summer in Season 4 and we’ll get KI in 4k/60fps for Scorpio.

I just think with the characters for ExS3 being such obscure choices, they are definitely holding out for a Season 4 reveal to give us the ones that are highly requested. Also, the last character is suppose to be released around May so it is right before the big Scorpio conference.


KI is going on its fourth year already. At this point it should reveal a sequel that harnesses the power of a Scorpio.

I’m all for more seasons, but the graphics and animations are already arguably dated, few more years and they will be indefinitely.

A new game would be a major breakthrough to regaining interest from people who may have lost it originally. It would give the Scorpio more of a lineup so people can at least try it out if they are initially interested.

Sequel would be nice at this point.


Year 4, Season 4, 4K, KI is currently at KI 3 in terms of titles. I would be really shocked if Microsoft doesn’t take this opportunity to announced a Killer Instinct 4K game with that exact name. Season 4 should be called KI 4K with the main deal of the season being updated visuals and a real cinematic campaign that will launch with Scorpio.

The marketing writes itself.


It just got around to being a full game @ season3

I’m thinking a few characters and miscellaneous extras. Some visual upgrades for Scropio.

Instead of going directly into a sequel maybe a spinoff/cross tittle? KIxSC? 🤷

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Well get a resolution bump to 4k since the pc version already does that. I’m not expecting much after that.

KI doesn’t even have good textures for 1080p lol

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A season 4 with five chars will be great to end KI 3. A sequel will be pre mature since many people have gotten interest at KI 2013 after the world cup based on tweets i read

I don’t know what exactly we’ll be getting, but I do think that new KI content to try and sell the Scorpio is a pretty good possibility.

Just an FYI, Scorpio is being touted as a high end Xbox, not a new gen system. Sure if they do decide to upgrade KI for Scorpio it would be cool, but a sequel I think is out of the question. If they do re-release KI in the fall, it most likely will be something like what is going on with the middle earth:Shadow of War, where they are making a game that can be played across the “Xbox Platform.”