Theory about Samurai Character

Samurai Jack returns to Cartoon Network on Adult Swim March 11 for the limited season 5 premiere.

Last week, Iron Galaxy tweets about something with a katana on a possible lead to a Samurai Warrior character, with a new background music track to accompany the announcement. Normally, you don’t create new music just to show off a Shadow Lords guardian.

KI World Cup 2017 is March 10-12. Usually IG announces good stuff during World Cup.

Samurai Jack in Killer Instinct??!!!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!1?!?!?!@?@@


I really hope they reveal Samurai’s gameplay at KIWC on March 11th. That would be great! :smiley:


I do have a tin foil hat kinda feeling it’s no coincidence that the Samurai Jack revival and the KI Samurai seem to be releasing on sunrise schedules. Perhaps the devs saw an opportunity to cash in on the revived popularity of the character trope thanks to Jack and For Honor. Or maybe someone on the team is just a really big fan.

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