Them's Fightin' Herds

Ok, I’ve been following this game a little because I’m interested.

As a little girl I was a fan of My Little Pony though I wasn’t crazy by it (I enjoyed She-ra and He-Man a lot more).
Then the new show came out and for what I see saw I think is totally overrated, but that’s my opinion. Again it’s an ok show for kids but I know there’s a huge fandom like Sonic series that follows it.

Anyway I saw a MLP fighting and I was “wow, this looks kinda cool”. That was cancelled and then this project took place. The style is different but it’s cool (not having lots of Ponies make the roster more diverse and I enjoy what they come up with). But what it got my attention was how the system seemed ok. The hits look nice and not out of place, it has that “figthing game feeling” I can’t explain. So I’m interested in trying it, I’m intrigued by the mechanics.

Also I started to think: the aesthetics this game has could be welcoming (as stereotypical as this will sound) to a more feminine audience. I know this sounds like that, but I see my neice more interested in this game than MK of SF for sure. So, it could be some persons first figthing game and girls wouldn’t feel so intimidate to try it and have fun or get closer to a fighting scene.

And you also can say graphics have nothing to do (in the gameplay is true) but I don’t feel atracted to SkullGirls Graphics/overall design despite the game having neat mechanics, or so I’ve heard.

This one, on the other hand, caught my attention. I’ve also seen they have more ideas in mind about doing different animal characters (I saw a wolf, a puma, a snake and a bear which probably will be a grappler ).

Lets see how this evolve =)

PS: I’m surprised by the lack of male characters yet. I think it would be cool to include male characters too.


I remember hearing about this game on the official Skullgirls forum some years back, Mane6 even got the license to use the Z-Engine (which Lab Zero created to make Skullgirls with). I was actually surprised that Lauren Faust herself joined the project, considering she was the creator of MLP: Friendship is Magic (and honestly one the main reasons that show is watchable compared to the previous generations IMO).

Good to see it survived the closing of Steam Greenlight as well (I’m not even sure if the Greenlight votes counted all things considered). Hopefully it’s good, we need more good fighters, especially on PC.

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I feel weird for liking this game for the mechanics. Judging from the gameplay, they looks smooth and pretty flashy. I don’t think I will be playing this game but I’ll check it out for sure.

I can’t say I’ve ever been in to MLP, but that game does look really fun! If it turns out well enough, I might have to give it a shot.


Well, MLP focus on the five female protagonists, and the one male draconic sidekick, and considering this was supposed to be an MLP game, it comes as no surprise that there aren’t all that many male characters.

My fave was Macintosh though… he’s a real stud…
Like… literally, a stud, as in a stallion, a male horse.


I can’t believe you forgot about- nah, just kidding. But seriously there actually 6 female protagonists (hence why the Fightin’ Herds devs called themselves Mane6, after the 6 main ponies), and Spike the dragon was Twilight’s assistant who she treated like a kid brother.

On the subject of male characters I could’ve sworn one of the later character reveals was confirmed to be male, but maybe that character didn’t make the final cut or something. I guess if they do DLC we’ll find out.

Ah, my bad.

As said, a sidekick.

You can clearly see which character was supposed to be which MLB character.

So the game is out on Steam Early Access now, and it’s got a Very Positive rating so far. Is anyone here planning to try the Early Access version themselves? I would, but it’s Windows-only and the one computer I have only has Linux installed (though they did confirm Mac/Linux releases later this year, so there’s that). Based on what I’ve seen from the Steam Discussions for the game, people are saying it plays like Blazblue but overall more grounded (basically without all the crazier stuff that BB is known for apparently).

I bought it. I’ll play some local matches against my boyfriend later and see what we can found.

I bought this. It’s still pretty rough around the edges but very reminiscent of Skullgirls as far as game play. I quite like it. The CPU is nearly impossible to beat. I played ten games online and went 8-2.


This does seem really interesting. But I’m all tapped on trying new fighting games… especially since I can’t really get my friends on board. Theres one more game I’m willing to try and its Reserved for Fantasy Strike… I like Sirlin’s Design methodology so Fantasy Strike gets the last spot on my Fighting Collection.

Unless if TFH is really great then sure… I could bend the rules for it… depends on the gameplay.