The worst thing happened (known bug)

I just gave my last character 4 epic buffs and was planning to fight Gargos next, then this happened:

When the tank chest opened I had a brief moment of hope, but then came the second chest…


That… really sucks.

I feel really sorry for you, but at the same time I can’t stop laughing. :joy:

Lol! So what happened?

The AI blocked my ultra, needless to say that’s not supposed to be possible, and even though he died from chip damage my character was frozen.

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The fractucred ward screwed you over. As you can see the armor absorb a hit from a rashukkuken just as you ultra. Normally you would have been simply knocked out of it.

I bet you can replicate that normally with certain armor moves.

The exact same thing happened to me except I didn’t have a skeleton key at the time so the match ended after a while.

Here I was sitting on 7 skeleton keys just waiting to use them…

So funny!

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I’m looking at it again, and fulgore kinda looks like he’s waiting for something. He’s on guard.

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He also shot a devastation beam out of his mouth.

Nappa blast?


Damn!!! That sucks dude!!

I didn’t catch that the first time, makes it even better :joy:

Too bad you didn’t get to open a skeleton chest tho :frowning2: