The weird new hit sound in Killer Instinct?

So I jumped back on Killer Instinct while I re-installed Mortal Kombat X, Picked Fulgore against Glacius, Everything seems the same but then when the Combo bar (the bar they changes from green to yellow to red depending on how many hits are in the combo) was filling up to yellow and red, I kept hearing this weird hit sound every time I hit Glacius and it became louder as the combo bar filled up.

Is mine just glitched or have other people heard this sound as well? its not that I want it removed its just came out of nowhere since I haven’t played KI since EVO

Is this an update or bug, please help (Sorry I have no footage but it was fairly obvious and stood out)

It’s more like an update. I remember from 8bbd that Spinal had been fixed, meaning that the weird sound you hear now is a change in the audio cue on how combo numbers go up

It’s something they added in August, to help newer players understand when the KV was about to make their combo drop. The sound used to be different, too… they made a change to what the sound was just a few days ago.

They’ve stated there will be an option in the future to mute the sound if you don’t like it.

Really? I can’t hearing because I’m deaf!

yeah thats why I’m thinking we are pretty much in beta 2.0 because every day you can notice small little tweaks like the metal sound durning combos, now have changed more to a meaty hit sound.

They were added to aid blind/new players in maxing out their KV without blowing out.

Thats good too.

I think what upsets me the most is it sounds like (is?) Thunders tomahawks.