The Wait For Season 3

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March is going to be awesome.

Hitman, The Division & KI S3, are ALL coming out in March. My poor wallet…


(Sigh) So true… They’ll rape our wallets…

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Dark Souls 3 is soon as well. My wallet is gonna cry.

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Two more weeks of January. Man, when you count down it takes so long. But at least a peek of S3 is pretty close.

My bets are on the end of March for launch. No way we are getting off that easy.


Well you can never tell really. At least we have Forum Battles and I have my personal objective/hope of getting to Killer by that time (if I’m lucky) tokeep me playing.

It’ll be here before you know it.

We’re probably 8 weeks from S3 at this point, that’s nothin.

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8 WHOLE WEEKS?! That’s like 56 days! My blood is boiling for information! I have a fever, and the only cure is Season 3!


or a painkiller :wink:

I’m hoping that in 14 days they have a surprise at the end of the event that says available Tuesday!!!

All this speculation for Season 3 and I’m just over here waiting like…


I already had a decently long list of games I still need to finish:
-Xenoblade 3D
-Halo 5
-Yoshi’s Woolly World

…and now I have so many games I’m looking forward to…and it just feels like they are piling up!:
-Jan: S3 preview presentation
-Feb: DLC for Smash Bros, Fire Emblem: Fates
Mar: KI S3, and Pokken

■■■■■ your wallets, mine’s getting wrecked.

We all do man. I know I can’t wait to be able to play on PC! Finally our fightsticks will work there. I do like the cross-play functionality too.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition as well by any chance? :wink:

This is doubly true for me, since I dont have an Xbone. All I can do is read the forums, watch videos and wait for PC release…


After looking: Well at least that’s much later in the year. Whew…

EDIT: That was actually the first everr blind playthrough for my channel. I loved it, though I haven’t revisited yet.

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More specifically in Spring 2016 for the Definitive Editon of Ori and the Blind Forest :grin: :smile: :sunglasses:

I saw this comment and decided to give the game a try. I can’t stop now. Excellent recommendation.

Ive even started recording my playthroughs. Check it out: Painkills’ Channel

The game is just too much fun, and a good thing too, cuz its the only thing keeping me from losing my mind while I wait for Season 3 and, most importantly, being able to play this game thanks to the PC port.

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