The ultimate future ki discussion

So no arguments about is this the end of ki or not. I want a discussion of if there is a sequel in the future what do you want to see story/character wise.

I feel this killer instinct is the perfect “greatest hits ki” similar to how mortal kombat 9 retold the whole story with all the classic fighters. So I would love to see the second one be in the future maybe a new generation of fighters now that the main story is basically finished in this current ki.


One thing for sure, I would like them to not really mess with the formula. I’ve been playing Injustice 2 lately and have been playing with Green Arrow, and while I can’t speak aboit other characters, he appears to play just like he did in Injustice 1, at least on the surface. I would like to see that treatment with the others, maybe have a couple of characters alter, but the majority of legacy characters play just like in this KI so we won’t have the massive overhaul like from KI1 to KI2, or like in pretty much every MK game ever. I’d say let newer characters bring in the new and unique ways to play, but keep the legacy guys as they are.


If we have a sequel, the thing I want is to embody KI’s core concept more. The best way I’ve ever heard KI described was “a kid dumps his action figures out on the floor and makes them fight”. To this day, that’s still how i describe it to my friends. I want the sequel to embody that. I want it to take itself a little less seriously and have a bit more fun with it’s character choices.

Creature and monster characters, aka non humanoid, would be very fun. Still waiting for a gorgon, a street shark, and lovecraftian horror.


…and dammit, if we get another Halo guest I want Buck. He’d be a good representative of the Spartans, a good rep for the regular marines/ODST, and he’s got personality flowing out of every opening he’s got.

Banjo and Kazooie as guest character. That is all.

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-coughBucknotarealSpartancough- I mean, I love him as a character, but I just can’t get behind te Spartan IV’s at all…

I’d like them to keep the core systems that define this iteration of KI. I think all the teams involved have done an absolute master job of creating interesting dynamics that really capitalize on player choice and decision making, and wouldn’t want that to change at all.

KI’s story has left points where things can be expanded upon more or just convenient plot holes and desirable character interactions could happen.

Story could certainly be expanded to talk more of things like ARIA’s evolution, other Shadow Lords and such. Character wise, there’s plenty to expand on. Kan-Ra/Aganos, Mira/Maya, Orchid/Jago, Fulgore/Eagle/Thunder, Spinal/Mask of the Ancients. I think these are all things that can any may possibly be addressed in this upcoming comic, if it’s still in progress.

So IF a sequel were to come out, it would make it interesting if the story continued off of that or if it’s something that ignores them.

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I’m down.


I see what you did here…

I’m down too

if they were to give us a new KI, id say new engine, updated look, keep what we have already fighting mechanics wise. i never did like recaptures though, theyre pretty ■■■■■■ dumb but that is my opinion

If we get a brand new KI game, here’s a small amount of what I’d like to see:

What I like:

-Character designs: Keep coming up with new and unique ideas like you’ve done with KI and don’t be afraid to make the move lists a little complex.

What I’d like to see pushed on:

-Presentation: The before and after match stuff. I love the KI logo screen, but the loading screen, the menus, the select screen, the pre-match “fight on” screen and the post match screen. It would be appreciated if these aspects could be optimized a bit to run more smoothly, have a bit more flash and style to them, and really help convey the sort of dark “post apocalyptic” vibe that KI’s always had as opposed to the more “tech” look that this game tends to have.

I agree, mixing these with humans is what seperates it form games like street fighter, DOA and most of the time, Tekken. Heck the creators have said that it was the kind of gimmick.

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I would wish Killer Instinct continued.

Will there be any romance in the Killer Instinct series too?