The Tmartn CS:GO Lotto Incident

It seems to be a bit boring here for some reason. I guess it’s time to make more threads then!!! :grin:

Anyways, yesterday I was randomly searching for Tmartn videos on YouTube to see if the backlash with Infinite Warfare died down a bit, and you know what…it has. Except now the backlash now comes from another website called CS:GO Lotto.

Basically before the backlash, Tmartn claimed to have found a new gambling site for CS:GO, which is basically gambling for skins and other content that I wasn’t really interested in. Seems legit right? Well…

It’s not exactly legit if your making CS:GO gambling content knowing that YOU’RE THE DANG OWNER OF SAID WEBSITE!!!

I would go into to it more by I believe these videos will speak for me.

Any thoughts?

Also: Now his recent videos on YouTube are getting Kryll Stormed (the proper way of saying S**t Storm here in the forums) with comments like this:

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I’ve been following this story through another channel, hosted by Philip DeFranco. As a subscriber to TMarTn for a long time, I was surprised to see him pop up on the news over a scandal.

While I think that what he did was wrong, I do believe that it wasn’t done with malicious intent. It’s just a bad set of circumstances, where his ignorance over needing to be transparent to the public got the better of him. He never fuly stated that the site sponsored him, much less that he actually owned it - on stream, he simply suggested that we β€œcheck this site out that he found” and has since used to make money. There’s a key difference between finding something and owning it. Furthermore, the potential to use said site for alleged financial gain by abusing how it works and understanding its inner-workings is pretty shady to boot.

His apology video that was taken down wasn’t even a real apology video either, which was just a SMH moment for me. He would’ve been far better off just being silent, like with his partner in this alleged crime.

While I do believe he deserves a punishment, I don’t think it should be altogether too severe, like with jail-time. I do, however, think the site should be closed down. I personally don’t support gambling in video games and I’m sad that CS, which was 1 of my all-time favorite shooters and the reason I got into the genre and learned about strategy and tactics in the 1st place, supports it.

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I’m hoping that site is closed this month. And that both the president and the vice president are sued heavily.

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Knowing that TMarTn makes enough money to own his own house and all the gear that he uses to stream and support his girlfriend, being sued seems to be the right course of punishment, IMO. I know he’s already got 1 suit against him.

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I totally disagree. You dont hide that youre hosting a gambling site and target it at kids and lie to yourself that you didnt do it on purpose. Especially when you’re gambling on your own site, logging into the bots that handle the transactions and then Hide/change your descriptions the day after you say that you warned people to be careful and blame them for not checking annotations.

Hes gone through too much effort to hide what he did to not know that what he was doing was wrong. And im not talking about the now, he did it from the start.

He needs to get full jail time. This isnt an β€œoops he made mistakes guys, he didnt know any better.” That isnt an excuse. Even if that was the case, theres enough information floating around to point that he did do these things knowingly. Of course AnswerTheCall and H3H3 go into depth better on that than my post ever could.

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these guys are up and coming scam artists than need to get persecuted within the full extent of the law.

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To the best of my knowledge, the site has always had an age restriction warning or something along those lines, so I don’t think you can actually fault him for that. Granted that won’t stop kids from attempting to use it, but that’s true for just about any site, and is something that is outside of the control of the owner.

It’s like the no-shirt, no-shoes policy in restaurants - the restaurant can’t actually stop people from walking into the restaurant with no shoes or no shirt. It’s just not possible to keep eyes on the restaurant doors 24/7 to turn people away - hence why they put up a posting. Sure, they can turn them away once they’re in the restaurant, but by then, they’re already in the restaurant. Up until that point, it’s out of their control - I believe the same applies to this CS:GO lottery site.

He’s at fault for a lot of things - I won’t deny that; but violating the age restrictions to the site, I believe, is not 1 of them.

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You need to watch H3H3’s video again.

I never watched it in the 1st place…

then watch it. Dont let Tmart and his ilk smoothtalk you into letting them get away with their scam.

I haven’t watched ANY of TMarTn’s videos in MONTHS, so you don’t have to worry about that. Is it 1 of the videos up above?

yes. its the one with the H3 logo on the bottom left. β€œDeception, Lies, and CSGO.”

Its pretty thorough. Like you mentioned how csgo lotto had its terms and agreements. iirc, H3H3 exposed that and the terms says people under 13 arent allowed even though its a gambling site instead of your regular 18+ even though he goes on how he doesnt encourage kids to play. And that online gambling is VERY illegal in general.

I just finished watching it, and I still don’t see an issue with the age thing. Regardless of whether it’s actually supposed to be 18 or 13, it still appears as if it was posted from the get go on the CS:GO Lotto site itself since its inception.

As for everything else…

No excuse.

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