The third charecter for season 3.5 should be a vigilante

He would wear a black mask that covers his whole head except his eyes. His eyes are blood red. The rest of his outfit is black. He wears a bolero hat, long coat, Kevlar gloves, combat boots, Kevlar vest, and a belt holding magazines and two handguns. His gameplay is that of a gunslinger. His stage is a urban city. In his story he is out to destroy Aria. He also has the hots for Orchid.

No this isn’t Felicity & Friends.


Well it would be actually a neat idea to have some kind of wild card character who does his own thing, not allied with any faction.

Erron Black, is that you?

But aside from that, thats not a bad idea.


He is still a man and men have needs. Besides if the xbox one Orchid was a real woman, you mean to tell me you would not ask her out?

I would go for Riptor or Aria, I want to be dominated.


Third character will be fan service yet wont have massive impact on the plot…

So it’s Eagle or Joanna


Still a fan of Arrow, but yes. When i read Vigilante in the title, I thought that too.

I’d still like to see Ben Farris, which I could see having a similar look to what OP’s describing. Ben Farris was also a mercenary, which I think kinda fits that mold, especially if he’s on his own and not hired by anyone. He could be that kind of wild card.

I always thought it’d be cool if Aria betrayed Cinder and initiated something like “Project Meltdown” and created an army of Cinders and took the real Cinder’s powers away somehow, leaving him in a sort of Deadpool situation. Perhaps he’s scared, but he’s still a mercenary with a mouth on him. :slight_smile:

So yeah, the Cinder that’s in the game now would be, canonically, a copy of the real Cinder, who would then become Ben Farris in terms of the story. Obviously, they would want to have more to distinguish Ben from Deadpool, but I think that mold is a nice place to start and build out from.

As for character 3, it’s obviously not Ben since they said this 3rd character would be entirely unique, but as a bonus 9th character for a potential 4th season? I’d take this over a guest or whatever any day.