The Tantalizing Tale of the Transformation from Terrified Tadpole, to Tenacious Toad Man!

Hello Killer Instinct forums, Mr.Pickle here, and I’ve got some fraudulent frog nonsense for your viewing pleasure. The videos right here are all the matches I’ve played on ranked that have been recorded, which is honestly the majority of my time with the game. I will warn you people, the first couple videos I’m kinda bad, and I don’t exactly become the best by the end of these videos, but I’m sure you can see an improvement. Please keep in my mind too that uploading these vods is a slow process for me, between work, my special lady friend, streaming, my social life, and going to tournaments, my time is stretched pretty thin.

With that said, I hope this is as enjoyable to watch as it was for me to play :grin:
Start with the beginning -
Or the most recent -

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