The skill of this game compared to other FG's

What do you guys think the skill level of this game is compared to any other FG I personally think this game is the most casual friendly I’ve ever played compared to most top FGC games I believe skill is not s factor in this one highly

easy to pick up, hard to master. if you don’t believe me, join one of the 8bit beatdown tourneys and it won’t be long before you’re matched against some of the best in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

Still is casual friendly more then any other game random guess break after someone opens you up just says it’s too forgiving for scrubs

Casual friendly doesn’t mean “stupidly easy,” just that you don’t need to spend dozens of hours in Practice before you understand how to run a combo and use the game’s mechanics.

I recommend controlling your terminology in this thread, particularly using the word “scrub,” because I already see the echoes of upcoming arguments based on threads that have happened in the past.

It’s easier then any other fighting game… Period

Definitely more casual friendly, but certainly not a case of “skill is not a factor in this one”.

That being said, I have a lot of (read: all but one) friends who don’t play fighters on the regular but like to mash some buttons over some cocktails on the weekends here. KI being casual friendly (at least on the surface) allows us to play together without it being a complete one sided beating like in other fighters I play. So I enjoy the entry level barrier being low, but without a doubt appreciate the skill involved at super high level play.

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What is the point of this thread? To discuss? Or to end the discussion…period.


I don’t know about you guys, but from what I’ve expirienced, players can become ridiculously skilled to the point that breaking them or actually landing any damage on them is nearly impossible.

It’s called a discussion that’s y I asked opinions if I don’t have anything to say then don’t say anything

I look forward to seeing a day one player take the EVO championship, then.

It may be easier to pick up and start doing cool stuff, but there are large amounts of complexity that will never be achieved by just mashing and hoping for the best. Just like any fighting game, really.

KI didn’t lower the ceiling, it raised the floor and provided some decent step stools to help you on your way.

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damn that’s deep dude ponders life

Then why did you type…

KI isn’t “easier” (relatively speaking) than SSMB, or Divekick, or Rising Thunder, or a multitude of other games. Hell, some people may think SFV is relatively “easier” than KI.

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I had to fight Nicky last weekend and he broke every single combo except one really quick, and in the back of my head I suspect he may have let that one slip by just to make me fell better about myself lol. That’s the beauty of counter breakers, puts the nix on those who are super good at breaking if you can nail it right. hashtag mindgames or whatever the kids are saying these days

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That’s the biggest lie I’ve heard no one say or think KI is as high skilled as sfv cus it’s not maybe five kick and that’s all

What are you even saying?


If you’re not going to have a real discussion and simply repeat “KI is easy and it’s for scrubs,” this thread can end right now.


It’s put bluntly if you can read it

Lol go ahead if your salty about it

I’m not very sure if I caught what you meant. Are you saying that I should just try and use mms games against people who are superior in playing KI compared to me. To be honest, I don’t see how that would be very helpful if dealing with a player who’s better at the game than I am :confused:

I rest my case.

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