The site that keeps/kept me in touch with all fighting games

Not sure if anyone even knows or uses this website, Fighters Generation, but for many years now I visit this site and randomly click on character names to see which fighting game that character is from. It is basically a database with fighting game info. So many obscure games and characters on here; names and titles I’d forgotten, characters I want to forget, releases I totally missed, you get the point.

Check it out if you want. I highly recommend the characters menu. The link is below.

I never bothered to see who maintains it but I think I owe it to them (to find out).


I remember looking at all the cool Sprite art back in high school more than a decade ago.

I owe it to F.Yagami too.

Used that site over half my life as well. The only iffy thing is that the owner of the site is putting fanart into his galleries without asking for the artists’ permission first, or gives them credit for their art. But for all the official stuff, it’s indeed a good site.

Yeah, I still go there and watch the various gifs.

I personally use r/kappa for FGC news.

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