The seasonal model seems to be dead

Exactly. Its common sense at this point. What we really should be speculating on is if the next two characters will be remix characters as well, because this would also mean they won’t be receiving more than one accessory set and a stage.


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Its nothing like what they did with Shago, actually.

#Shago fund
7,500 KI gold ($19.99 value)
Shadow Jago skin for Jago
Promise of full character moveset
Tournament funding support

#Kilgore fund
Kilgore ($5 value)
Tournament funding support

Kilgore is a remix, with no achievements and one accessory set. The difference is the first fund actually gave you your money’s worth so regardless of if you wanted to support tournaments you were getting what you paid for. Kilgore’s fund is basically forcing you to donate if you want the character and you’re loosing $5 in the process. Even $5 in KI gold would have made this decision stomach-able but no, the character’s price was jacked up to double just for the sake of forced donations.

Had they said “Yeah, if we reach 200k in donations we’ll make stages for Mira and Eyedol!” I would have jumped up and supported this fund, bought Kilgore on all 3 of my accounts and given money to my friends to buy him, just like I did with Shago. But taking my money and not even giving me something to shoot for, or even giving me something in return for the value of my support? Come on. I’m sure the majority of people that begged for a second fund wanted one so they could fund something real, something in-game that they desired.

Yeah tournaments are a big deal but to the other 99% of the population they really don’t matter that much in the long run and when you’re asking everyone to fund something against their will that a minority of players actually get to participate in, its hard to swallow.


What if all three of the characters end up costing $10?

That would suck.


I guessed it!

The seasonal model isn’t dead, just how the KI community receives its information. Outside of this forum, no one really knows what’s going on in the KI world. I don’t even see people tweeting out KI tourney’s anymore. More of a KI community problem than a seasonal model problem. After all, SFV S2 seems to be in full swing.

If its true and they won’t be doing seasons anymore, then it seems they are going to be testing the waters with overpriced DLC like Killgore. If they plan on doing this, then the game and series is as dead as Street Fighter in my opinion. Why developers, and publishers do this kind of thing is beyond me. They opt to make a quick easy buck when they should be looking at the long term and the masses that brought it up to where it was. Its looking like the end of Season 3 is as high as the series will ever get.

However, if indeed the seasonal model isn’t dead then great. Just don’t release overpriced DLC behind a paywall that forces you to support some pro gaming tour you may not care about. This is a slap in the face to a majority of your players, esp those like myself that have spent $40 each on all 3 of your previous seasons. Shadow Jago pushed it, but now this is unacceptable.

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It’s good there won’t be a season 4, I said it would be overkill and take away from the game and I’m glad they see that. Adding Ultimates, a couple bonus characters and features is absolutely the RIGHT call before moving on to an all new KI4 on either Scorpio or its successor.

A better engine doesn’t always mean better results. Especially if the devs don’t know how to take full on advantage of the system. and we have no real ide aif that engine can even recreate the kind of gameplay this new KI can do.

Just saying don’t jump to the idea of new engine = better.

Essentially as I said you don’t care about the tournament support as such you don’t think the character is worth 10$. I can’t argue with your value assessment as it is your own and your’e entitled to it. I personally believe the value is reasonable and I hope to see the game and tournament continue to get support and remain active and popular as such I’ll be investing 10$ towards that proposition. I also think it stands to reason that if this is successful and IG/MS see this as profitable that you can only assume that they would continue to make more profitable content.

It certainly is a slippery slope and there are certain devs out there who I believe truly do nickle and dime their consumer base, however I don’t believe IG/MS have crossed that line yet.

The bottom line is developing Kilgore came at a cost to them. You might not agree with the value which is your prerogative to have, but ultimately you don’t have to buy it. So by all means speak with your wallet and don’t purchase Kilgore. As someone who mains Fulgore this character is just as different as shago is to jago. And while you found value in the KI Gold and none in this tournament fund I find the opposite I’ve got thousands of KI gold that I’ll probably never use so really shago and this feel the same to me.


I do care about the scene and I really don’t mind supporting it, however forcing people to support it without compensation is wrong.

I bought Kilgore, I payed $10 for him because I love KI and and have spent well over $200 to support this game’s growth over the last 3 years. I just get a little miffed being forced to support it if I want the newest character, I probably would have done it anyway but its a shady practice to jack the price up to double and force folks to donate that extra 100% to a thing that they might not care about without some sort of compensation.

I don’t like it if a restaurant takes the gratuity out of your bill and doesn’t give you the choice of how much to tip either, it should be my choice to donate. Had this been a $10 optional skin pack that supported the scene there would be no issue but taking the first post-season character that they teased in SL and in the select screen for the last month and attaching it to a donation fund? That’s disgusting frankly.

As someone who’s supported this game since day one, paying for EVERY piece of content to keep it thriving its a little disappointing having the choice taken away from me like this. I choose to support KI because I love it, I don’t appreciate having a character held hostage if I don’t pay double the price just because they say so.


When did this topic go from being about the seaosnal model to about an argument that should of been delt with a long time ago? and also in another topic?..


Honestly seems like some people think we’ll obviously get season 4 and some people think we’re obviously not getting anymore seasons.

This is kinda what I’m getting at here in terms of the overall plan. I’m not saying we need to know everything, nor do I claim to have some right to know by any stretch of the imagination.

But while I’m psyched for Kilgore and Ultimates, we now have this question looming as to what the future holds. One group is right and one is wrong. We have information, real and interpreted that seems incomplete or perhaps contradictory and keeping things up in the air like this can be confusing, can create an info vacuum, and keeps fans guessing and maybe not in a good way.

Have they decided that the seasonal model is done? Will this permanently be the new content delivery method for everything going forward?

Or is this just a final content push? Give them Ultimates because they’ve wanted it so badly, give them a few more characters that they wanted from the survey and call it a day?

Or does Jago having four wins in the teaser video mean that there’s a season 4, or a KI 4 on the horizon?

I get that they can’t tell us more than they can tell us. But while I love and appreciate new content, especially awesome stuff like this, there’s an advantage; a comfort from knowing that we’re getting stuff for several months. Right now, we don’t know what’s happening beyond several weeks. It’s just an odd place to be as a fan.

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THANK YOU! This so much.

This is something that I haven’t liked about IG as a whole. The content they produce? Absolutely great! Giving us little hints and tidbits? Awesome, and it makes the delivery all the more worth it.

But this is something I hope they don’t stay quiet on, because they tend to do that to things that probably shouldn’t be kept quiet. Like this, for example. I’d rather them say something more definitive, like:

“We’re not sure if there’s a Season 4 approved yet, but we do have extra content planned for the time being.”


“We’re moving beyond the season format because (insert reason here)”

I feel like I get what they’re trying to say, but the two contradict each other. “The season cycle” would imply that, instead of (big season filled with content --> nothing but balance and bug fix patches —> another season), they’re now doing something like (big season filled with content ----> some more content being added that isn’t exactly major or needs lots of resources —> another season).

But the tweet right after that talks about KI “outgrowing” it, as if it’s moving past seasons in general. Which, I don’t exactly understand, considering the fact that this has been working fine for KI before, so why change it now?

It’s obvious that more content is coming, but seeing that constant separate purchases might start becoming unpopular like Kilgore (CrimsonLegend, your explanation of why you’re not happy with it was very fair), that seems like it might scare off people.

It would at least be nice to get future prices or an outright plan. We see the glimpses of it, and we know Ultimates are definitely happening along with the other two mysterious characters, but how much exactly will we have to pay and/or why is this happening? Is this an attempt to compete with SFV’s separate purchase system (things like the Christmas NYC stage, or the Ring of Destiny/Capcom Cup support pack)?

I think it’s fair that we just get a little more detail behind what the plan is for KI going forward. We know what’s coming, but how is it coming, why is it coming the way that it is now, and how much do we give IG to receive it? What’s the goal here?

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I still hope they will offer bundles for the remaining 2 characters, buying everything one at a time is going to be a pain in both the ■■■ and wallet.

Great post! Couldn’t have said it better.

It seems as though that a decision has been made on the course of action the game will continue to go towards between those two quotes. Many users mentioned that (paraphrasing), that there’s enough content now to justify pursuing other avenues in the game (like Ultimates, which was highly voted on in that survey).

Outgrowing the seasons quote, I think, is justified, but 140 characters isn’t enough to describe it. In my view, Kranged is saying that since KI currently has a fairly large sized roster of 26 characters, moving forward with another season of say 8 more characters, could be too much for a roster size. Those who don’t know, USF4 had a roster size of around 45 characters, maybe IG and MS are trying to go be a little conservative here and not so overwhelming. So, as we’ve seen today, there’s now a focus on content, like additional colors, costumes, ultimates, and content.

But I doubt we’ll be left in the dark long. Hopefully we’ll get comments soon.

I’m guessing they will announce future plans in March during tournaments and KI Kup