The scariest characters to fight with lag

Despite all being an issue this would be my top list of hardest lagged matches

What do I consider lag? I’m not talking about the unplayable slideshow, but the one that messes up your confirms or let you see just the half of the animation.

#1 Grapplers!! and Tusk
Despite a mashing and lagging Hisako is really awful, Raam and Thunder can be a total nigthmare. Since it’s hard to see the normals it’s even harder to react to the follow ups. A Thunder flying everywhere, dashing and throwings random grabs after normals or a Raam connecting things you thought they wouldn’t reach (because you are missing frames) are a menace.
Tusk makes a lot of damage and you can miss the timing when trying to punish him making the deflect more dangerous.
And the biggests problem is the damage. Even you try to react to breaks if you aren’t fast enough you will get a lock out (or worst a counterbreaker) and teh damage will hurt a lot.

#2 Good grounded characters with strong mix ups and neutral
Nope, not Wulf (yet!). But Jagos, Orchids and Kim Wu (this last one just because of the damage, however it’s not as menacing as Jago) can be hard. A good Jago with mixups who is missing frames to see the gaps where you can punish can get frustrating. I’ve even seen some Jagos would go for the yolo lag option random wind kick, because it can be hard to react in thos situations.

#3 Vortex characters with teleports
I think of Fulgore and Spinal and maybe Eyedol
Fulgore is really something…Though the match seems ok the lag regarding teleports is extremelly confusing. Sometimes he dissapears longer than he seems supposed too. Spinal has some gaps between his attacks where you may thow a buton but if you are missing frames is still hard

#4 Nutty Wulfs and maybe Rashs
I’m referring to any Wulf that would spam overhead and dash around instead of the great buttons he has. I have fought both turtlers and nutty ones. I still enjoy the mirror, but when it’s just random stuff and getting me because of lag it doesn’t mean much after all =S

#5 Shagos
It’s like a Shadow Shadow Jago, with increased teleport skills XD

#6 Glacius and Aganos

I can punish them offline. Still have a lot of trouble online =S

Ok, that’s my list of lagging assasins XD


Grapplers, Wulfs and Spinals.


Riptor has some scary lag-induced flame traps but Teleport J Combo’s powerline mixups are all over the place!

A Thunder that appears out of nowhere gives me nightmares of his Ultimate though.

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This was my immediate thought just looking at the thread. Anyone with a command grab or a strong throw/tick throw game is a nightmare. Because your first instinct in extreme lag is to try and turtle up and weather the storm until it passes, leaving you vulnerable to unlockable grabs


I love Shago in lag. “Yes! I blocked this divekick, time for optimal opener damage!” Shago lags in the air, my HP whiffs, he whiff punishes me…


Hisako and Sadira for me. The ADs and linkers on Hisako while lagging are a nightmare and Sadiras cross ups and combos can be hard to judge while lagging.

Wulf, (ridiculous normals, cannot be seen until combo has already started) Hisako, (press up to avoid command grab resets, or, what actually happens is:- press up and nothing happens) Thunder, (just cry in a corner, there’s nothing else you can do) Fulgore (light eye laser is literally unseeable with lag until you’re already getting hit by it) Shago the screen filling, magical cross up, non-whiffing git wizard.

Has anyone noticed how long Fulgore seems to stay invisible for when there’s lag? Cause it feels like forever.

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This! I thought it was teleport into teleport. If you play in Thunder’s stage and there’s much rollback happening the stage will become gray from time to time xD
It’s like the background loses its colors, lol

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Can’t hit what you can’t see. :joy: