The Root Folder

Hi guys!
can someone tell me where do i find the root folder of KI in my pc???
i bought a fightstick but i have to emulate the x360 controler.

No luck for you man. KI is a Universal Windows App, that means it’s a closed package, just like a smartphone app. No access to game’s folders.

Still, why do you need controller emulation? What fightstick did you buy? The game is compatible with X360 sticks and full X1 stick support is on his way to release.

im from Brazil, Fightsticks here is very expensive, i bought one that i can play almost anywhere, thats why i need that emulator, without it a cannot play KI :anguished:
actually, i have an X360 controler so its ok, but ive “just” buy it to play KI

Well you could pad hack the x360 controller and use its PCB to inside the fightstick you got. That basically makes your stick super compatible. There’s plenty of tutorials on YouTube. I made myself a fightstick with a X360 controller pcb and a hitbox with X1 controller PCB, it’s not that hard:)

If you bought a recent Madcatz stick (TE2+ or TES) then drivers are available that output Xinput. Otherwise you will have to use a Keymapper like Keytojoy to map the stick to a key.