The Rising Thunder Alpha is Ending; Radiant + Riot Games

Seems like they’re closing down the game.
What a shame, i really liked this game, no more cosmonaut dogs and sputnika :c


That’s really suck for them… I was hope Rising Thunder come to consoles… But it’s never happening! : (

This is disappointing. It’s a tough business…

They got bought out by Riot Games, which means they are almost certainly going to be making a League of Legends fighting game, backed by one of the richest companies in all of gaming. They even hinted at “exciting new things to come which we will tell you about when the time is right.”

I wouldn’t feel too bad for them.

It does kind of suck that the project a lot of them poured all their energy into will never be fully complete, but I’m sure they will take lessons learned and apply it to a game that has a real shot of making it super big and expanding the FGC. Rising Thunder was an… interesting game that probably could never make it big in the FGC proper for a number of reasons (including no local VS play), so it’s good to me that they are getting a shot at one that will.

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Thanks @Infilament, that’s a good perspective. I have no doubt it’s good for Radiant (otherwise they probably wouldn’t do it). It didn’t occur to me that they would be working on a LoL fighting game. Let’s hope you’re right and they don’t disappear from the FGC like DH when Amazon bought them.

I still think it’s a shame that Rising Thunder won’t ever develop further because I really liked the philosophy behind the game. If a company like Riot had put some energy into it, I think it might have done okay as a small market fighter. I could certainly seeing it moving as many units as something like Guilty Gear Xrd (about 300k according to VG chartz)…

It will be interesting to see if they go the one v one route or try to cram all 50 bajillion LoL characters into a Smash style game. It will be even more interesting to see if that game is successful. I don’t know how many MOBA players are really interested in fighting games.

I think they bought Radiant specifically because they wanted the Rising Thunder team. They didn’t stop development on their other game, Stonehearth (which is a town-building Minecraft-esque game), but they stopped development on Rising Thunder and Seth Killian tweeted that he was really excited for the future?

I think lots of people love fighting games, they just don’t know it yet. :slightly_smiling:

But honestly, MOBAs have tons of crossover with fighting games, both in the skills required to win at them and in the players that play them. Lots of former FGC people went on to do well in MOBAs, and it’s not uncommon for there to be in-house FG tournaments at Dota 2 majors. The cross-pollination is huge.


League of Thunder? Rising Legends? Thunderous League of Legends: Rising?

League of Fighters? Wait…

…yeah, this is super excellent news. I’m not sure a better thing could’ve happened. Maybe this’ll pick up SFV’s slack and launch the FGC into the esports limelight. Even if it doesn’t, the idea has legs for miles.

League of fighter is really boring to me…

It’s a fan game – and for a fan game, it looks really impressive.

That said, you don’t have to like League as a creative property. Do you like Rising Thunder?

YES! I really like Rising Thunder! I play RT until PC had problems because slow and etc… Then, I was hope they release Rising Thunder consoles. But never happening… D:

Ah. Sucks for you, then. I remember there being a lot of backlash from people not liking the character designs on a creative/artistic level, so getting the League license is probably still a boon for Radiant – if a pretty bad thing for you. They might bring back the RT characters at some point in Legendary Rising Leagure of Thunder’s lifespan, though, so there’s a glimmer of hope I guess?

I was so hurt to hear the news. I REALLY like the concept behind Rising Thunder. I hope there will be another traditional mech fighter again.

So I have been re-watching rising thunder tournaments and it only makes me so much more disappointed that it was cancelled. Does anyone know if RIOT was going to do anything with the concept? Because it just had too many new and great ideas to die.

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no news yet but riot just made a table top board game with the promise of making the plural “games” in their name mean something so they are definitly interested in making more games

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The rumor has always been that they would be working on an LoL fighter. But I don’t know if that was anything more than speculation.