The pc port release date hasnt been announced, right?

cause the only date we got was march 2016. when season 3 hits. thats also after SF5 comes out and steals much of the ports relevance. plus 9 months is a bit much for a port.

im looking for official IG or MS answers.

You are correct I asked Iron Galaxy on Twitter and they replied that nothing else had been confirmed besides Season 3 in March.

okie doke. thank you. thread can die now.

Incorrect. sorry sounded like a jerk when I said that

I guess I can’t say j erk?

You realize that by saying Season 3 is coming out in March for PC and Xbox One in March 2016 really just seems to imply that the PC version will be out before then.

I’m just saying what official account says man lol

While that is what the official twitter account says, people keep making inferences from that and accidently labling them as fact.

The official twitter nowhere states that the release date will be with Season 3 in March 2016. As mentioned above, the message states that Season 3 will be out on both platforms. The pc release may very well be before that.

Now, that isn’t saying the PC release will DEFINITELY be prior to March, but simply no later than March 2016. People may be thinking that it’ll release together with season 3 which seems logical, but nowhere near definite.

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This is essentially the best way to sum this up. The PC version will release sometime in the seven months between now and March.