The next guest character

The next guest character should be one of the kremlings from donkey kong country, preferably krusha.

lol just lollol

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LOL Ok. Or DK Himself. That would be great.

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Or Conker or Banjo-Kazooie for that particular matter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well considering the adult humor present in Conker’s Bad Fur Day (and the remake), I think he would perfectly fit for KI (in fact, he plays the original on his Game Boy as one of his idle animations).


are you not kidding me?

trolls to the trolls. DK belongs to nintendo.


I know DK belongs to Nintendo, but didn’t Rare create the kremlings?

Getting a strong feeling that it’ll either be Master Chief or Joanna Dark.

The KI twitter asked the question “if there was ONE guest character that you’d want to see in KI, who would it be?” and while there were votes all over the spectrum, I feel like I saw Master Chief and Joanna Dark more than most.

Personally, I’d be fine it were those two as guests. If they decided to go with three guests? Sure. Rash, Master Chief and Joanna Dark. But if they’re only picking two (and we still don’t know how many characters, guest or otherwise, there will be as far as I know), then I’d prefer Joanna Dark.

Of course, I say that as my favorite pick among more realistic options. If I were to let my imagination go, I’d say Kaim from Lost Odyssey, Xavier from Eternal Champions (or a darker, cooler, more modern variation on him), Lord Diemos from Mace: The Dark Age, Sofia from Battle Arena Toshinden, Ty from Pit Fighter, Master Sage from Tao Feng, Reiji from Kakuto Chojin, Zafina from Tekken, etc.

I’ll be curious to see who they pick. I’m hoping for a cool character from a defunct fighting game franchise (I know Tekken’s not defunct) or Kaim, or Kameo for that matter. I’ve seen some concept art of her that convinced me she’d be really cool in KI.

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