The New Elite Controller and Killer Instinct

Okay, so a lot of you know about the new Xbox Elite controller*. Here’s a clip of some things regarding it that you may not know about.

What do you think of this controller, and If you get this controller, how would you program it to work better for you in Killer Instinct?

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Well great for divekick. For KI,I don’t know yet.

Rip the PCB out of it and install it in a fighstick :joy:

Just kidding, far cheaper PCBs to be had on the market :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d assign 3P and 3K to the right-hand paddles on the underside. I really don’t like using my left hand for button inputs, and pressing two buttons with my thumb simultaneously is also cumbersome.

Not sure that I’d pay the asking price for that, though. I guess we’ll see.


DOIN IT LETS GO!! :laughing:

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hopefully we get a video about the review on fighting games in this case KI instinct so we know if is worth or not

  1. For you guys,I will try to get it day 1 and review it ok?

Please do, because If it is very good, I might get a custom one with colors and such that I can bring to Tourneys whenever I go. My Controller will flash to the Ultra combos! XD

Im getting this day one!

not just for KI but all the other game i play too!

it feels and plays beautifully

I’m definitely picking this controller up. As a full pad user, (I never got to visit arcades when I was younger), this is a dream come true. I hate not being able to change a lot of inputs on my console games. It makes going between PC and console a pain.

I’m mainly putting, Light breaker and Medium breaker on the left paddles with Heavy breaker on LB. Then moving 3P and 3K to the right paddles. This will leave LT open for anything I find I need to have as an input twice.

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And it’s a tuesday. I got school:(. Will play a bit and post a quick review and full review comes in the weekend.

Sorry guys but I tried. Gamestop decided to mess with me so I can’t get a controller. They said only those who reserved it can get it. I tried to reserve it a while ago and they said I couldn’t.:frowning:

So, you can’t actually buy one unless you reserve it? Like I can’t walk up to a Gamestop and just grab one off the shelf, or is that something with your store?

They said it was out of stock and I had to reserve it beforehand. The problem is when I did beforehand,they said I couldn’t.

Oh. They just didn’t want to give you the power. They knew what someone like the Chosen One could do with an advanced piece of technology, so they stripped away your chance of getting the one piece of technology that could have changed the world.

(LOL In all seriousness, That sucks. Hopefully you can get one. I actually didn’t they would sell out quick like that. :confused: )

To be fair, if they told you you couldn’t reserve it it’s most likely because they were already sold out, so it’s expected that you couldn’t just walk in and buy one.

But I tried two weeks ago:(

Looks like you’ll have to grab a Scuf controller to get similar functionality…

Or, for roughly the same price, you could grab a Hori fight-stick :grin:

I would advise against getting the new Xbox One Elite Controller, lots of complaints already that some of the internals that cause drifting and stiff dpads. If you are going to spend that kind of money anyway you should just get a TE2/Atrox Fightstick.

DUUUDDDEE…I want one so badly. My friend has one, and I was like :heart_eyes:

The only thing is that they are expensive. And I don’t think you can add custom images and names…right? I’d like to customize it, but I don’t want gamebreaking modded controllers. Cough (Custom Controllers) Cough

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