The new 4 fighters aren't available while offline?!

Today I wanted to show KI to my local FGC and it was very embarrassing as I found out, that the new 4 fighters are not available if you are not connected to the Internet. Please fix that!

thats not true at all i use them while offline

??? They are grey on my end. If I wanna select them, the game tells me I have to go online. I play on xbox btw.

You have to set it as your home console to play stuff offline. Download the character dlc individually and make sure whatever account has them is set to home on the console it will be played on.

Never changed my home setting, but I am gonna try that when I am home. Thank you.

EDIT: I fixed it

The home setting was not the problem. It is kinda strange, but I had to go to install all at the KI menu on the home screen. All characters were set to ‘ready to install’ and I just hit that button.
Don’t know why the other characters were playable because they also were set on ‘ready to install’