The Never ending fireball and magic show!

Hello guys, listen, Im about to complain about somethings that I dont
like and are not fair about the online VS options. I f you agree then post on, if you dont,
and have a point then please go on as well.

This is not a flame war, not trolling, I have been playing this game
longer then a lot of you been alive… So…

1-Characters that can hit you from across the other side of the screen are VERY lame.
2-Constantly forcing your opponent to block, so you can get close and throw is LAME.
3-Throwing 50+ never ending fireballs and constant magic because your getting your ■■■ kicked
or you have no style, is LAME.
4-Characters that hit you like 500 time a second, even though it doesn’t take alot of energy
is lame because is can be chained, and abused.

And here is my only real beef with ALL fighters. KI are you listening?

If killer Instinct took the time out to animate all the characters defensive
moves, for every possible character combo, the game would break the
mold, and really take things to another level!!!

Ill rephrase the above, instead of the fighter who is in a defense
position simply stay frozen in place, throughout his opponents combo,
have him change position for every one of his opponents attacks…
I know this would be alot of work, but if done, it would take the
game truly to another level.

And for the guys that are going to give me heat over this, know this,
I play with the keyboard, and I still beat most of you…


Smells like Silver.


care to give an example cuz I’m not following.

what part?

the defensive part

If one fighter throws 5 hits in a row, instead of the guy blocking standing
still the whole time have him block 5 different ways, like on TV, it would
make the game feel so real…

Just thought of something else…
when your trying to use martial arts against a robot with
two 50 caliber Gatling guns for arms shooting constantly
its get boring quick…

The guns should over heat after a while…

Damn I should be a developer…

If that’s the case then sorry I’m going to have to disagree with you there. Mainly because in the grand scheme of things you’re still just blocking and this adds nothing new to the gameplay other than aesthetics. Why use so much time and effort on having brand new animations for every character that works the exact same function. It just seems rather unnecessary when than same time and effort can be used for other important things the game needs like new modes, stages, unique characters, etc.

There is no doubt in my mind it would add tremendous replay value
and add realism and excitement…

But your free to disagree…

why would it add replay value? Its just a different and more complex animation

  1. Look I get we are free to disagree but…how? It’s just blocking!
  2. Realism?! HA! We’re talking about the same game where dinosaurs, monks, and boxers can fight robots, skeletons, and literal gods in an office building.

Not to mention this idea really screws up frame data since it has to account for every animation.

And how is that not better for the game?

I asked how would that add replay value, not whether or not it would make the game better

It would add much more action and realism…

also making the characters show fatigue etc…

none of those things would add replay value. That is all visual flare and realism

After shooting a million rounds into your opponent with dual Gatling guns,
having them overheat, as a consequence, would be nice too…
Or maybe after using magic a hundred times in a row getting more tired
and slow… things like the little things… make the game greater and better.

All the better no? Wont make the game worse thats for sure…

Still doesn’t answer my actual question though