The Missing Link: Where are the Game Modes?

He want’s 2 people to both be logged in on the same console at the same time, (as far as I can tell no Xbox live game can do this), so they can both use their own custom skins and unlocked content at the same time. Lets say you go to a friends house to play KI and want to use your Fulgore accessories, but your friend doesn’t play Fulgore and doesn’t have the accessories unlocked so you can’t. End of the world right?

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It’s been my experience that when new modes are added to KI it happens later in the Season. Both Story Modes, S2 Ranked Leagues, Breaker Training, Shadows, CAM (if you call it a mode).
If new modes are coming it’ll probably be a little while.

Ooohhhh… Well, that’s not a feature on the Xbox One at all! So he should go directly to MSG and request that, not to IG.

Everyone is killer. I got killer in 3 days with Omen. I know o don’t deserve it. That and some people are getting their ranks reset.

Stop assuming. That is not what I meant. I am done with you. @anon39655210 please don’t talk with him about MY intentions. He is clearly not on the same page.

Is it because getting Killer rank so fast is a bug? Or has it always been like that?
If it is a bug, then the only thing IG can do is to reset the ranks. That, or they can just let people keep their killer ranks, but that would mean that those who got it through the bug will most likely not be as good as those who earned it, so it’s a lose/lose either way…

But yeah, please explain your intentions and what you mean then, so we know what you mean. ^^

Congratulations on making killer, now your real journey begins! Try to compete to get to the top 32 players on the ladder, every season the top 32 killers will be immortalized in the Ladder and get a star on their profile card to show they were the best of the best that season; and also get points for entry to the annual KI WORLD CUP! Show your stuff online and see if you compete with the best players in the world!

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See, this guy gets it! :grin:


Remember that we aren’t getting everything Season 3 has to offer at launch. Shadows mode didn’t premier untill about halfway through Season 2.

I’m sure we’ve got lots of cool stuff on the way!


But wont we technically be halfway through season 3 at the start of the season with already 4 characters released? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The devs themselves made comments implying there was going to be “other, much requested features the work went into instead of the 5 stages” we have yet to see or hear anything to justify this. If the devs just said “there would only be 3 stages because they used the time on re-doing every stage with lighting” we could happily or unhappily accept that we are not getting anything more in the game. Its been a huge misconception on their part, they made a rod for their own back to the point alot of us can no longer sit there saying “at least we are getting a 3rd season and the devs are working their hardest” i am sure they are and maybe the problem falls higher up but they really need to be clearer on what we are not getting in season 3. They said no ultimates and no additional stages…if there is no other modes can they just confirm that too? I am also one of the people waiting for some spectacular new game mode or new story mode tying up all the loose ends in the previous 2 seasons. It may sound like wishful thinking but I wouldn’t of expected certain features if the devs themselves didn’t hint at them.



They could have avoided so much if they had just TEASED some things. We dont need to know everything, just vague numbers that would let us know what to wait for.

Right from the beginning they should have done something like this list:
-# of characters
-# of stages
-New VFX
-# of new game modes
-some other stuff

They could have done this and not spoiled anything. It would just give us an idea what to look out for. That way people wouldnt run around saying
"Is that all the news about this"
“Is this the final change”
“I thought you guys hinted at [BLANK] coming soon?”
“Now that we know about the Ultra Edition, is that the end of the announcements?”

When a price is released, that symbolizes that a game is FINAL. So OF COURSE its going to scare people who never heard the announcement that they were hoping for. We are all left asking “Is that all?”

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You know, we actually walked into Season 2 with MUCH LESS of an idea as to what to expect out of it?

Now we are at season 3, and it’s almost as if it’s the whole Double Helix to Iron Galaxy ordeal again with all the distrust and drama dug up again because a lot of people can’t take surprises and want to tell the developer how to do their jobs.

They have a plan, o ye of little faith. IG isn’t leaving us high and dry because they want to focus on something other than “STAGES FOR EVERYONE”.

Given what they showed us so far, it’s significantly greater than what we walked into when they launched season 2. And yet, still so little faith in the talents of the Iron Galaxy staff. I’m not saying to blindly trust them, but given everything they have done with this game, it’s obvious there are a LOT of thankless people here in the community. Between the pure speculation of the Level 4 ender animations being less than par and this severe “lack of content” for launch (which is the most hilariously awful thing I’ve heard so far), I honestly don’t see why IG continues to do it, when they try new things, constantly trying to outdo themselves and surpass expectations, and NO ONE seems to appreciate the hard work, they just give the most thankless of tone and criticism.

Season 2 launched: “TJ Combo update + Maya and 2 stages”

Season 3 launches: “4 new characters, 3 new stages, updated graphics to lighting and animations, new VFX, PC port, new colors for existing characters”

And you’re gonna call the season 3 launch lazy…completely logical. At this point, why even bother with surprises. You may as well ask them," what all should we expect with season 3 so I can complain about it now, and not after it launches with logical criticism. I don’t want to be surprised because I am afraid of change."

I’m sorry but I’ve seen enough threads and other speculation all week. I have had enough of the negativity, those who think they are doing the game a favor but aren’t, and are holding the developer to highly unrealistic standards. If season 3 fails, it won’t be because IG didn’t try, it will be because of a highly ungrateful fan base.


The launch trailer might ease your concerns about what’s coming. If you don’t think it’s value for money wait till the other packages for s3 come put. There’s no rush atm.
Calm down

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You can use two accounts in local multiplayer mode.

Just to clarify, the new “Bonus” retro colors are only for the 4 launch characters. And they will only have 1 additional color a piece. I was a little disappointed when @rukizzel confirmed this, I thought that the entire cast was getting bonus colors. Omen of all the characters deserves “Bonus” colors since he himself is a “Bonus” character.

A highly ungrateful fan base would be a fan base that no longer supported the game with their purchases. Almost every “negative” poster has also gone ahead and pre-ordered season 3 already. Don’t get mixed up by people voicing their impatience/non-favourable opinions on a game they have yet to play with a “very ungrateful” fan base, if anything it shows people are passionate and excited to see what’s to come in the next season.


Where did he confirm this?

Use the Dev Tracker. It’s in the Season 3 Announcement Thread.