The meaning behind the insults after they have won

Hello back with another topic that puzzles me and that is the meaning from insults in the game. What i mean is those different insults and mockeries that almost every one i’ve encounter does and i’ve left scratching my head asking out loud ‘‘What does that mean!?’’.

These are the insult/mockery what i want to know if they have a official name or just something that every one started to copy (note: these all happen after defeating me)

  1. Backing far away to the other side and while there they taunt.
  2. If we are on the corner they start walking on top of me.
  3. Dashing back and forward top of me.

Please comment on if these things have names or just something that every one started to copy.

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Well I sometimes do these kind of things but I mostly do that to entertain myself, after thousands of games you’ve gotta use your imagination to not be bored during that little time.

I wouldn’t say these 2 are insults. Sometimes when I am on a roll and have that momentum I like to keep moving so I might shuffle back and forward a bit between rounds. I also do the walk on a downed character in the corner sometimes hoping they will mash dp as soon as they get back up so I can block and punish.

Well, tbh when you get beaten, its their right to do what they want after fight. Personally I usually stand still after a win, unless opponent insulted me already, then I do my best to make him uninstall.


Some people do thing like that. I just Walk back till corner or stand still . Some times i walk over their body if they tbag or do any thing ofensive ( trash talk ) . Just some times.

I just do it because it looks funny sometimes.

It’s hard to say really. In a lot of cases I’d brush it off as them having an itchy trigger finger, so to speak.

In some cases they are performing what I would consider a “non-teabag” where they want to declare their victory and show their dominance over their fallen opponent, but teabagging is considered rude, so they do anything but that.

It’s really hard to tell what the other player is thinking when they move in unusual ways. Heck, I’ve had a few matches where if there is a lul during the fight each of us will start teabagging the ground on opposite sides of the screen, which from my POV is kind of a simple way of communicating nothing more than “I acknowledge that you are there.”

So yeah, I’d say the definitive answer is… I dunno.

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I only find three things disrespectful.

Overuse of taunts

Standing over my face


I mean, they usually do it in the first place to exploit your frustration and get an edge over you. Nonetheless, it’s low and disrespectful as a competitor.

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I may, and many others, agree with you, but that is still subjective.

I always thought that a character backing away was a signal for a good game. I always back away after a hard won battle. I never teabag or taunt, unless the person taunts the entire match.

For me backing away from the opponent means that you are giving them space/respect.

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Just kidding though. What about crouching from a distance? Like I just hold down after winning a match from full screen or something until the Outro?

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1 is obvious, 2 and 3 I don’t see as taunts. I just like playing with the stick and practicing dashes.

@Dranyamarel143 What about dashboarding in the middle of a set that you’re up 4-3 in? Is that a sign of dominance?

Nah. It was a sign that I had to take care of important priorities in real life and immediately turn off the Xbox, so I didnt dashboard. I can understand if someone is losing and they dashboard. I mean it wouldn’t be dominance since we both kicked each other’s butts almost equally. But if thats how you interpret it then ok.

I just happened to see that you were back on KI moments later. But, Ok.I get your message. Lol. Loud and clear.

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When there’s a baby to feed I have to let go of Killer Instinct. I did not want to leave the match. You now how players can get so zoned into they want to finish. I had to leave a lot of matches unfinished or unstarted due to feeding. And also because of a sometimes nagging wife.

Which is why it is my opinion. Someone may disagree with me but that doesn’t stop me from me never wanting to play with them again should they engage in those gestures.

I guess I just shadow the competitors that I look up to.

I do that to you sometimes lol

I mean it as if they have their balls or ovaries over my face then we have a problem.

For real? Lol. I never took it that way. I take a quick crouch from a distance as a sign of respect. Walking back to the other end of the sreen until the victory screen comes up though? Seems a bit like somebody admiring the beatdown they gave from a good viewing distance (like an aerial photo). Admiring their work.


I crouch at the corner because my characters legs are tired from kicking.