The Maya Rut

Welp, here I am before going out on a Friday night because I’m a little concerned about Maya.

Maya was intimidating at first to play. So many tools. So many setups to discover. So many things. I promised myself I would master her…and for the most part, I feel like I did.

Then the Maya setups became routine. I was routine. She was routine. We were routine. I went online and found some new tech. Sure enough, I had a blast applying in in matchups pretty effectively. But soon enough, the new tech became old tech, and my interest faded once again.

The thought that Maya may be reworked is no longer a fear, but a godsend. Though I’m currently playing with Orchid (very much behind her back), I’m looking forward to Maya’s rework if she has it. Beyond more moves without daggers, are there any other reworks wanted by Maya players to maker her gameplay more appealing? Thoughts? Concerns?

Better animations would be nice. No more bobble head ending pose… More distinction between the different strengths of her cartwheel…

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Any thoughts having seen the rework?

I think the rework is pretty great regarding Maya finally doing regular damage. The lack of access to a back jumping command grab hurts me though :frowning:

There’s less initiative to build pips now, but I don’t think that’ll stop me from building them up for more combat advantages.

Overall though, these tweaks are only going to sustain my interest in her for so long. I feel like she’s a stale character for me at times - having invested so much time in her.

I think Maya will be fine.

With the new characters it makes sense to rework everyone for fair play.

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Oh I agree. One of the biggest gripes playing Maya was the small damage output in combos. It took forever for her to get a level 4 ender. Now, not so much. I won’t really know how this plays out until I get my hands on her newest iteration.

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Do you think Maya can Mantis in air just not back jump?

She can mantis in the air, but only for forward and neutral positions. She can’t mantis jumping backward anymore when the season 3 patch arrives.

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I’m wondering about that.

It sounds like you just need to pick up a more complex character.

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Working on it. Glacius is going to be a beast in season 3! Orchid also looks promising. Maaaybe Kim Wu.