The matchmaking in this game is horrendous

I hate the matchmaking in this game, like, I’m bronze, It’s my promotion match, and of course I get matched up against a level 50 fulgore, who’s killer rank, like, this Isn’t ranked matchmaking, this is just putting me up against random people, it’s so bullshit. What was I supposed to do? This just isn’t good matchmaking at all, it should just be called, get matched up against somebody much better than you, then give up. And then it puts me down 300 points, SERIOUSLY, I LOSE TO A LEVEL 50 FULGORE WHO’S KILLER RANK AND YOU SET ME BACK 300 POINTS, THAT’S SO STUPID.

So what did you learn from playing that killer ranked opponent?

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Then play exibition until you learn how to play.

Ranked is for competition, not to learn the game

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Ranked system is like that cause maybe 50 people playing at every moment online ranked matches. Maybe less. So the mindset behing the ranked play is to be a killer or dont even bother play ranked. It is the way it is. And believe you will learn much more if you play with people that at your level so you can try things out. And hopefully get better together.

Levels and ranks don’t matter when playing an opponent. There are scrubby Jago spammers who are also level 50 and Killer ranked, doesn’t mean they are any good.
For what its worth, KI’s matchmaking is really good compared to others. If you don’t get a game with a similar skill level player in a while, then the game just tries to find the best match for you so you can keep playing. Sadly, at this point in its life, there are going to be way more people who know what to do than not so keep your chin up, learn from your mistakes.
You can also go to Exhibition, search by the filters and play with people around your skill level.

I would have to agree with the original post. I took a break from ki for like a month. I’m still I’ll sitting at the bottom of the gold totem, the first person I get paired with is a supreme gold teir with 15 pro stars. While ranks, level, and stars don’t equate to skill, like chess has a psychological aspect. I as the opponent don’t know the level of this guy’s skill other then the fact that he’s got 15 pro stars and prepare to take it way up the anus and suffer a humiliating face stomp into the curb for at least 4 rounds.

I still have to agree with @TacoBrine
Yeah ranked is for competitive play, which is exactly what tacobrine showed up for until he gets paired with someone he is nowhere close to equal and looses hope.

Ranked matching truly does suck.

The lv 50 thing means very little. That just means they play the game. It doesn’t mean they are any good. I can take a character from lv1 to lv 50 in about 6 hours. The rank is harder to figure out if they are good or not. They could have reaches killer rank by playing at times when the chance of vs a really good player is not likely. For example, playing on a Sat at 2pm will be a different type of player than 10pm on a Sat night.

Be happy that you are still in Bronze. The higher up you go the more killers you will face. When you get to gold rank, you will fight more killer rank than gold.

The rank system is messed up in the fact that it will matches you with someone way above your skill level that is close to you, instead of matching you with someone of your skill that is far away. Players here people do have a point in that ranked mode is not where you go to learn the game, also remember that this game is 4 years old, and you are going to fight more higher ranked players than you will lower level ones.

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Just wait until you’re Killer and face nothing but bronze, silver, and gold tiers. You get hardly any points. :frowning:

No one, not I or the original post is saying we go to ranked to “learn” the game. We know full well how to play, our problem is being matched with fighters that are nowhere near our match (skill)

But ranked’s goal is not having different leagues for different levels of skills. Ranked’s goal is achieve the Killer rank(and once you make it, make it into the top 32), and the other levels it has(bronze, silver, gold) are just steps to achieve that goal

Ranked isn’t built to make all bronze players have a league with other bronze players. It’s easy to see how: there is not a leaderboard of “bronzes”, “silver” or “golds”, just for Killers, because the other ranks position are irrelevant.

If you wanna play a “bronze/silver/gold”, you go to exibition, put “bronze” in max level for your opponent, and there you go.


^^^^ couldn’t have said it better.

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First, let me say, I feel your pain. It doesn’t feel good to have this happen and I’m sure the developers wish that everyone who played was only in competetive matches against people of similar skill. The issue is not the matchmaking per se, it’s the relatively low player base. Go play a ranked match of skullgirls and see how that goes (it will be worse).

It is definitely going to be more enjoyable and productive for you to go play in exhibition mode and find people you like to play against. I hope that you are not discouraged and that you give the exhibition matches a try. No one likes to lose, or to feel that it’s hopeless to try. I know I sure don’t. But if you look around you should be able to find similarly experienced competition.


One thing about the penalty, the 300 point loss does seem severe, but Bronze-level players get huge point awards for winning regardless of opponent rank, so one can easily get back to the promotion match in 5 fights or so.

I don’t understand the mindset of the OP. If your intentions are to play ranked and move up to the top, then how do you expect to do that without playing high level/skill players? If it is for the challenge, well that’s what you got. If it isn’t for either of these things, what are you doing in ranked in the first place? Go play exhibition or hang in a lobby. You don’t play ranked just to win against your equals. You play ranked to compete against all opponents willing to take you on.

Ranks is like a box of chocolates…ya never know what ur gonna get.


But seriously tho its alot like an arcade. Anyone can walk into an arcade put a quater up and boom you are fighting a stanger, who you dont know
anything about. Its just instead of playing a few rando’s here or there you get a world full of rando’s looking to win. And matches happen alot faster. So learn from every match and only hop in ranks if ur lookin for the most rewarding challening the game has to offer. You are gonna win some but you cant win em all so Learn from your losses and dont let the points or promotions ruin ur enjoyment of the game.