The longest time you have ever stayed awake/gone without sleeping

What was the longest time that you have ever stayed awake/gone without sleeping? I think the longest time that I have ever stayed awake/gone without sleeping was about 48 hours or about two days for me here

31 hours. Don’t recommend it XD

Just over two days around 50 or 51 hours, head felt like it was going to explode and I swear I could see all manner of things. Certainly taught me a lesson and it was thanks to Fable 2 lol

Back in the day, I would actually stay awake all the way through weekends at LAN parties, because people had traditions to terrorize sleeping people and I would have none of that…
So from around a Friday morning to Sunday midday/early afternoon…
Slept as soon as I got home and until I had to get up Monday every time I did it.
Was always completely useless in the end, and I was more circling around myself that doing anything real (both in reality and in games) and always had a massive headache somewhere Saturday night.

Not recommendable

24 hours for me.

Nothing crazy here. I would say somewhere around the 36 hour mode. I am good at catching my Zzz’s wherever I can.

Yeah, I’m probably in the 36-40 hour range myself. Don’t think I’ve ever gone two full days.

Close to 30hrs Which I also showed up dr unk as the 9 he.lls to a history final at college. Walked out with a B+ (or stumbled rather) and somehow made it home. never again lol

6 days.

Hallucinogens were involved.

Slept for 24 straight hours at the culmination of said event.

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taye dup till 2 AM could not go further than that. I did that once.

Red stood up till 2-3 AM one time.

38 hours something. I was at a festival with 3 other people.
That morning I voke up at around 6, then drove to pick up my friends. But during that drive a very old man fell off a bike. Me and another girl at the place stopped and called for an ambulance. When I told one of the ambulancedrivers I was going to see Metallica he was soo jealous =D

Anyoo, after that. A 5 hour drive to the place. Metallica was the last band on stage during that 1 day minifestival. They started playing at midnight(and they played Dyers Eve and it was also the first time I saw them so I was extatic about that)
At around 3 in the morning I got back to my car. 2 of my friends missed out on Metallica altogheter and had fallen asleep in there.

5 hour drive back home. At the 4 hour mark I was starting to feel somewhat tired. When we got back home I dropped off my 3 friends who then went to bed.
But as for me?.. Well I had to go to work for a 12 hour shift =D Luckily it wasn’t very much to do that day and during noon when we were awaiting lunch I dozed off for a while infront of a computer. I also took 2 showers during the shift to freshen up.

After my shift had ended I drove back home and basically went to bed immediately.

When I was really young I could stay up till the sun rose.

Last time I stayed awake was when Smash Bros Brawl came out. I stood up ALL night till 7AM playin through the single player story.

I regret ever staying up that long because I took a shower and almos fell asleep. Now adays I just stay up till MAYBE 12:30 or so on weekends.

Due to college I just go to bed at 9:30pm-10:30 pm etc.

I think the longest I ever clocked in was around 3 1/2 days. Afterwards my sleep schedule was basically destroyed. I’d wake up at 2 or 3 in the afternoon and stay up until 9 am. Luckily I was able to nip that in the bud before college started back up. Haven’t exactly pulled and all nighter since.

OK. New record for me. 72 hours, and 5 minutes…Don’t ask. lol

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75 hours. Why? It involved cats,I ninja monk with a lazer sword,oh wait that was just my eyes messong me up.