The longest time you have ever slept

So now what was the longest time that you have ever slept in your lifetime?

As for me here the longest time I have ever slept, I believed, was over 24 hours or just over a day fairly recently as I had quite a REALLY busy work week during that particular time and man, did it felt SO good to sleep in for that whole, entire day. Not only that AND what made it all the more sweeter even was the fact it was on my off-day/day-off :wink: :slight_smile: :grin: :sleeping:

9 hours straight

Years ago during my summer holidays I slept for about 19 hours.

I slept for 9 months inside my mummy…does that count?

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9 hours. at one point 10.

Not sure what the longest continuous sleep was but once i slept for about five days only waking up for about a minute every few hours before passing out again. I just could not stay awake.

17hrs after a time attack i drove

Longest continuous sleep I clocked in at 31 hours.

I was in the hospital after having my appendix removed.

7 hours…

I reg only need 5 to 6 to fully function. :smiley: