The last thing that should happen before ending the current K.I

Mod support for both Xbox and PC it’s that simple.

Now this thread isn’t about Mods imparticular and what people are working on and all that stuff like all the other mod thread’s, No this is about why Mod Support should be added in as a must before Finishing this K.I or moving on to a sequel.
The reason is quite simple it is because even if work does stop going into this K.I because I.G is now working on a sequel or what ever the current game can still live on and thrive with fan made creation new modes character stager’s and so on can still be added even though no more updates are coming to the game, it won’t be completely abandoned wile everyone move on to a sequel. It must be for Xbox as well because even though mods is for PC normally a lot of the game fan base comes from the Xbox as well and with games such as Fall Out and Skyrim having mod support on XboxOne that means it’s not Impossible to add it to Killer Instinct.

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They will never do it, unless the mods are sold and they profit.

No sane person would sell a mod for profit.

thats why they will never do it.

Is that really why they haven’t done it yet?

Even if they allow mods, what’s the point of selling them? Shadow Lords already has a bunch of gamebreaking items to use and skins and colors are already being made. Think about that before jumping to conclusions.

when you give the community the ability to create there own mods the
possibilities become limitless, reducing your incentive to purchase
a simple color.

I cant jump to conclusions because I have surpassed all preconceived