The Last Character Of Season 3?

I could see Eagle being a bonus character like Omen, no retro and limited extras on the side and not replacing any REAL characters.


No more guest please.


I totally see Eagle as the “puppeter character”.

Eagle’s body was damaged due Ultratech experiments with him, and his connections to the Fulgore units has given him the ability of controlling a Fulgore.

Intro: Eagle, with holes in his skin and broken wires hanging around jumps in the stage, and then a “broken” Fulgore Unit appears behind him.

Eagle can fight on his own, but he has bad walkspeed and forward dash. A Fulgore unit without an arm and with broken parts in his armor its on second plane. If the player holds 3P, Eagle starts to channel himself into the Fulgore, staying in place, but gaining one point of armor if grounded. This is really fast and can be performed mid air. The fulgore can be moved and controlled with this:

Up: Plasmaport behind the opponent
Down: Plasmaport behind Eagle
Back: Plasmaport in front of Eagle
Forward: Plasmaport in front of the Opponent
LK: One slow projectile
MK: Performs a blade dash, causes stagger
HK: Angled up fullscreen eyelaser(same as s1 Fulgore). Causes hard knockdown.

The transition between Fulgore and Eagle it’s really fast, so you could, for example:
Eagle->3P->Up+MK(Fulgore uses plasmaport behind the opponent and uses blade dash, causing stagger)->Release 3P->Eagle uses his attack of choice, getting a combo

The Fulgore can’t be hit normally, but its hittable when moving or recovering from an attack(his attacks have different frame data from original Fulgore, they are very negative for the robot, so he can be punished easily). If it’s the case, Fulgore it’s down for a few seconds and Eagle it’s on his own.

His instinct could be something similar to Thunder’s, but in the air. So Eagle gets up to 3 air dashes for any direction that can be canceled into attacks. Also his regular grab could be a launcher. So for example, he could do this during instinct:
Regular grab->J.Hk->Down forward aerial dash->J.MP->Back aerial dash->J.HP->Up aerial dash->3P+HK into eyelaser, causing hard knockdown. So he hits 3 times in the air and the Fulgore lands the final hit, causing a hard knockdown and leading to a mix up.

So he would rely in setups between him and his Fulgore unit.

Cate Archer! :smile:

My gut tells me it’s another guest unfortunately.
I would prefer a brand new KI char. Over Eyedol. (Eyedols inclusion would be fun just so that we have everyone from the series in the same game.)Mira is so far the best S3 have given us.

Don’t get why so many people mention Joanna Dark… Do you even want her to be in?
None of the guestchars have had any real impact enough to be a guest imo. Rash is from a longdead franchise. Secret is just a forgettable boss that didn’t even have a lot of presence in that game. Arbiter so far makes the most sense of the bunch.
Then again, as far as I know KI fans never asked for guestcharacters to begin with.

To end on a positive note the guests are well made at least.

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Sterling Archer.

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I like how the moment Eagle becomes an option, everyone is like "Eyedol for Season 3? don’t even care anymore! Just gimme Eagle!"
I had a feeling people would not get too torn up if Eyedol doesn’t make the cut.

Not sure what you’re talking about, every Eyedol fan I know still prefers his inclusion over anyone else.


I figured that out immediately after typing my statement, oh well…

Frankly I am more excited for Eagle because he would essentially be a brand new character in terms of mechanics. They could do nearly anything they want with him.

I guess I was just projecting my thought onto the community, my bad.

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Probably Eyedol, chance it could be Eagle, either way this will still be me if it’s either of them

If you do a quick google search for KI Battletoads Season 1, you’ll probably find a few photoshopped character select screen with a Battletoad, so people have been asking for other characters. Now whether that was suggested as an inclusion of them into the universe and lore or just a guest is up for debate, but there’s no doubt people wanted characters from other franchises even in the beginning.

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Gargos its a new character in terms of mechanics. Eyedol will be too if he makes it. Like almost all characters, he must be reworked in terms of gameplay

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I think the reason they included Arbiter and **** to get a lot of attention since both the games their from are a very big part of the Xbox Industry along with KI.

Eagle is perhaps the most likely, but I still hold a sliver of hope for Eyedol. And as much as I enjoy using Rash and Arbiter, KI really doesn’t need any more guests. If [REDACTED] does end up making the cut, 3 is enough.

Even better: Pam.



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Arbiter sure, but Rash/Battletoads being a big part of Xbox? Probably not. Not that what you’re saying isn’t a reason for them both to be in the game, just the scope is way way different.

I agree completely. Trash was nothing but a stunt to help sell the Rare games set that xbox got the rights to. They brought out rash for KI players for a week. The same week that the Rare games package came out. If that is not to plug another game, then I don’t know what is.
Now MS is starting to treat Halo like Nintendo treats Mario. Nintendo can’t make a game without trying to Mario in it, and now MS is doing the same with Halo.



No I don’t mean Rash, I mean “You know who”, “the one that must not be named”. And I don’t mean Voldemort either.

The Harry Potter yes! Maybe the best S3 guest! (for me)