The killers of killers

Do you know a way to see stats about how many killers I defeated? I see stats about anything in the game except this. Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

Pretty sure the game doesn’t keep track of this, at least not on the front end. As you progress you’ll actually pretty much fight nothing but Killers, so I doubt it’s a considered a “meaningful” statistic to put in the UI.

Congrats though on taking out some of KI’s best :slight_smile::thumbsup:


Yeah… I managed sometimes, but I still don’t have the achievement to defeat 10 of them, must be near it though. The only achievement I’m not sure I’ll Be able to get in this game is in fact being a killer… Ishhh…

Give it time. I know that it sucks. I remember when I was trying to.get that achievement. You should have the achievement before you get to killer rank.