The Killer Instinct Supreme Pack For Windows 10


I was wondering if anyone can explain me why I can’t seem to buy the in ingame content.

I’ve tried load of things but it keeps giving that weird error about profile or something.

Im curious if anyone can tell me where to buy this content for pc because im kind of annoyed now playing only with saberwolf.

I’m awaiting responses, and i hope someone can help me here coz im a big fan :slight_smile:

Try looking on the microsoft store.

Same problem here. Im from Argentina, in the windows store i read a lot of people with the same problem

Theres only one option to buy from and that is in the Microsoft store itself. The website doesnt contain the content. Plus they only accept ideal payment instrument when buying software from site, wich is bullshit. I dont know what they are doing but this is a total mess!

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