The KI Royal Rumble S2 #1 - We are back! (11 Spaces Remain!)

We are back for Season 2!

For those of you who don’t know me my name is The One And Only Ryan Bay and I’m a member of the Psycho Vipers.
For those of you who haven’t seen WWE’s Royal Rumble I will give you a quick description. For those who have feel free to skip this part.
Every participant is given a number
Entrants 1&2 start at the same time
Eliminations occur until there is only one person left
These rules are similar for the tournament with the added rules:
Once you pick a character you cannot change so be careful of who you chose
Matches are best 2 out of 3 apart from the final which is 3 out of 5.
If the final entrant is DQd, The previous match gets extended to FT3
Previous Winners:
(Season 1)
ST PobreSuave (Entrant #12)
ST LemonHunter (Entrant #9)

Discord Chat:
Sign-up: CLOSED!

START DATE: Sunday June 4th 2017 15:00 GMT

(The original date was saturday the 3rd but it turns out that I wont be here)

Good luck to you all!

11 spaces remain!

And now for some tags!

@PVXenoraptor @STLemonHunter @ItzTymeToDul @MDMMORNING @KevBones10 @SightlessKombat @VerminatorX @TheNinjaOstrich @ZTRAINOVER9000


@BigBadAndy @R1stormrider @WrathOfFulgore @Awesomo19 @STORM179 @MandrillManiac @lewisthewizard @JouksNetlander

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Id like to join but I dont know how, or where.

Count me in!

Also, I see a start date - could we get a lil’ more info about how it’s run over time? Like, is it all one day, or do we have a certain period of time over which to finish matches ala WTF?

Its an online tournament, challenge link is in the OP

Its all in one day, but its pretty short. The last one only lasted an hour!

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Ive added a fresh discord link into the Op because the last one expired

Its going to be me and you bud,
why june 3rd kinda far away no?
Ill have to add it to my calendar.

Signed up.

13 Spaces Remain!

Im just gonna resurrect this thread…

Lol I honestly forgot this was gonna happen

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Signed altough I might still have 1 hour of work at 3pm GMT ahead of me so I will propably get DQ’ed ;___;

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Unless you manage to get a late entry you will probably get DQd

So did I :joy::joy:

Today is Wednesday and that means that signup closes tomorrow and everyone gets their numbers!

Also I have to push the tournament back a day and it is now Sunday the 4th of June. Sorry if this poses as an inconvenience for everyone but its because of the simple fact that I wont be here Saturday but rather I will be away.


Sorry @PVT1AORyanBay. It turns out I’m going to be travelling on Sunday. I’m going to have to withdraw. But I hope the event goes well and everyone has a great time. I’m sorry to miss it.

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The Royal Rumble starts in 10 minutes!

Im currently experiencing technical difficulties, the tournament will start when they are resolved

The tournament has Officially started!

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